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Esky Honey Bee King V3 (Blue)
Esky Honey Bee King V3 (Blue)
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Item# EskyHeli_E026LA-BeeKing3-Blue
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The latest ESky Honey Bee King 3 is an third upgrade version of the world famous ESky Honey Bee King RC helicopter series. With totally fresh appearance and new & simple designs for the main rotor and tail rotor systems, the Honey Bee King 3 increases the stability, powerful and accuracy of the helicopter as well as to give more direct control by the pilot.


  • Esky King 3 6CH RC Remote Control 3D Electric Helicopter CCPM RTF EK1H-E026LA Blue

  • Guarantee Brand New, Latest Version and Ready To Fly (No Assembly Required)

  • CCPM System

  • Auto-rotation System

  • Belt Drive System

  • High Inertial Main Blade

  • High Rigidity Iron Main Shaft

  • Full Ball Bearing & Metal Ball End

  • High rigidity alloy tail boom

  • High Strength Carbon Fiber Tail Stand



  • Length: 550mm

  • Height: 200mm

  • Main Blade diameter: 600mm

  • Tail Blades diameter: 130mm

  • Motor gear: 10T

  • Main driven gear: 140T

  • Gear rate: 14:1:4.44

  • Weight: About 390h

  • Motor: 400 brushless motor 10T

  • ESC: 25A EK1-0350

  • Gyro: Esky professional Head Lock Gyro EK2-0704B

  • Servo: 7.5g Digital servos*4Pcs EK2-0508

  • Transmitter:6-channel or above 6channel(helicopter system)

  • Receiver: 6-channel or above 6channel

  • Battery: Li-poly Battery 1500mAh, 11.1V

 Package Contents

  • Esky King 3 6CH RC Remote Control 3D Electric Helicopter CCPM RTF EK1H-E026LA Blue

  • 1 x 6 channel Transmitter (72mhz, Mode 2) and Receiver

  • 8 x AA Battery ( For Transmitter )

  • 1 X 400 brushless motor

  • 1 X 25A Speed Controller EK1-0350

  • 1 X Esky professional Head Lock Gyro EK2-0704B

  • 4 X Digital Servo EK2-0508

  • 1 x Li-Po Balance Charger

  • 1 x 11.1v 1500mAh Li-Po Battery

  • 1 x AC charger ( 100-220v )

  • 1 x Set of tool kit

  • English Instruction Manual




BLUE Wooden blade 275*32*4.5mm EK4-0004L
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