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2-3cell charger Balance charger [DK-C1000] Charger_DK-C1000
2-3cell charger Balance charger [DK-C1000] Charger_DK-C1000
Item# Charger_DK-C1000
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Xheli is pleased to announce the arrival of their new 2-3 cell LiPO Balance Charger.

Xheli’s new LiPO balance charger will charge both 2 and 3 cell lithium polymer battery packs while individually balancing each cell within the pack. The new 2-3 cell LiPO Balance Charger is a small, easy to use portable charger without complicated wiring or setup.


  • Charges LiPO specific battery packs.
  • Charges each cell individually within the pack for optimum performance.
  • Will charge a 2 cell or 3 cell single pack.
  • Compatible with  series of 2-3 cell LiPO batteries.
  • Can be adapted for field use.
  • Intuitive LEDs indicate status of batteries.

    The new LiPO balance charger is the perfect companion to 3E’s 2 and 3 Cell LiPO batteries.

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