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61G Digital Servo DMP-158 DigitalServo_DMP158
61G Digital Servo DMP-158 DigitalServo_DMP158
Item# DigitalServo_DMP158
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1.Function of Performance:
  Metal Gear with Ultra-Torque performance for Monster truck
  0.18sec/60°at 6.0V
  16kg-cm(oz.-in.)at 6.0V

  Weight:61 g
2.Storage Temperature    :-20℃~60℃
3.Operating Temperature  :-10℃~50℃
4.Operating Voltage      : 4.5 ~6.0 V
5. Servo Type : Monster Torque
6. Plastic Case

.If using the DRY-CELLS there will be less performance.
.Forcibly in the power off state may cause the damage of the servo.

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