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Optima 400 2220-1200KV Brushless Motor
Optima 400 2220-1200KV Brushless Motor
Item# 75M40-Optima400-2220-1200kv
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Item code 75M40-Optima400-2220-1200kv
Net Weight (g) 60
Watts 200
Diameter (mm) φ28
Length (mm) 30
Shafter φ22*15
No of cells (lipo) 3
max efficiency (%) 78%
max efficiency current (A)  5-14A
no load current (A) 0.8A
current capacity (A/s) 26A/60S
Internal Resistance (mohm) 109
Shaft Diameter (mm) φ3.17
Shaft Length (mm) 49
Class (SIZE) Optima400
KV (RPM/VOLT) 1200
Turns (for cars)Poles 8
Max Voltage 11.1V
Wire Size φ0.2*5
Bullet Connectors Male
Bullet Connector Size φ3.5*12.7

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