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Item# 88e-5a-ubec
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1. Specifications

- Input: 6V-23V (2-5S Li-Po Battery Pack, 2-6S Li-Fe Battery Pack or 5-15S Ni-CD/Ni-MH Battery Pack)

- Output: 5V/3A (Less than50mV peak to peak voltage @ 2A)

- Dimension: 22.9mm*20.3mm*13.4mm (L*W*H)

- Weight: 5g (w/o wires) or 7.1g (wires included)

2. Features

- Small and lightweight

- High efficient switch mode design with negligible heat dissipation compare to the linear voltage regulation mode

- The PCB shielded design and output EMF coil makes the stable and low noise voltage output possible

- The built-in Input voltage reverse protection prevents any damage to the AEO U5 in a reverse input voltage connection

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