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AEO-RC ADH30 Micro 2.6g Brushless Motor 7900kv
AEO-RC ADH30 Micro 2.6g Brushless Motor 7900kv
Item# 88E-MH002-ADH30-7900kv
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This micro brushless motor is designed to for Walkera Lama 2 and similar micro helicopter.

Motor Specs
Weight: 2.6g
Max Power: 2A or 30W
Dimension: 13 x 17mm
Length of shaft: 5mm
Diameter of shaft: 1.0mm

No Load Data (Tested with AEO E-Power 5A ESC)
4.2V: 0.3A

Note: Please be careful when using this product. Due to its size and delicate nature it is easy to overload this motor while using a GWS3020 prop. Only use single cell Lithium Polymer batteries and never draw more than 2.7Amps for more than 10 seconds.

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