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Gens Ace 5300mah 6S1P 22.2V 30C LiPo RC Battery Pack
Gens Ace 5300mah 6S1P 22.2V 30C LiPo RC Battery Pack
Item# 98P-30C-5300-6S1P
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Review: "Ordered one to try out on my Trex 600 ESP with a Xera 3020-2Y motor, Kontronik 100LV V9 ESC, stock Align 610 servos, BeastX FBL system, stock T600 gear. Peformance was slow during the first 5 cycles. But after six cycles, it really woke up. My heli is setup for scale flying so my headspeed is around 1800 giving me flight times in the neighborhood of 9 to 11 minutes on asymetrical main blades by Spin Blades. Not bad for this pack. Your flight times will vary depending on motor, esc, gear ratio, flying style, etc. Internal reisitance has been very low. Ratings are as follows after 6 charges to date. Cell 1 1.2, Cell 2 1.2, Cell 3 1.4 Cell 4 1.3 Cell 5 1.2, Cell 6 1.3 Battery has been charged at 1C since new on a Cellpro10s charger. I've owned many makes of packs. From the ridiculously expensive, to the more moderately priced brands Turnigy, Zippy, etc. and the GensAce looks very promising. Only time will tell. Look out HobbyKing!"

  • Capacity: 5300MAH
  • Voltage: 22.2V
  • Size: 138.59 *42.78 * 63.2mm (L * W * H)
  • Weight: 752g
  • Discharge rate: 30C Continuous , 60C Burst
  • Charge rate: 5C charging acceptable
  • Plug: Banana 4.0
  • Application : Acepow Gens ace 5300mah 22.2V (6S1P) 30C high discharge rate, able to be charged by 5C! Suitable for Align T-REX 550E and 700E.

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