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Align T-Rex 450L Dominator Super Combo 6S RH45E10XT
  • Align T-Rex 450L Dominator Super Combo 6S RH45E10XT
Item# 15H-RH45E10XT


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T-REX 450L Dominator – A completely new Dominator concept!

The T-Rex 450L Dominator is not only larger than its stable-mate, but is based on a completely new chassis design. And it's not just the chassis that is completely new: the power train has also been updated for a 6S battery, ensuring that the model fully lives up to its Dominator label. The new concept incorporates many detail features from the new T-Rex 800E Pro DFC, which have been fine-tuned for the new model in elegant fashion. These features include the new chassis stiffeners for the motor mount, the new main and tail rotor blades, and the stylish vertical stabiliser. The new T-Rex 450L Dominator also boasts the new DS430M swashplate servos and the completely new RCE-BL45X speed controller. The re-designed canopy provides a sleek, elegant outer sheath for all these innovations

Details of the 3GX flybarless system

The completely redesigned 3GX represents a new generation of multi-function flybarless systems. The system's performance has been vastly improved, and will delight any helicopter pilot.

The 3GX is one of the smallest and lightest flybarless systems currently available commercially. It supports the Futaba S-BUS system, and also features two ports for direct connection of Spektrum and JR satellite receivers.

Based on the set-up procedure of the 3G-FL760, the 3GX can be completely programmed in just a few minutes. Moreover the 3GX supports all CCPM swashplate systems currently available commercially, including 90, 120, 135 and 140 degree swashplate linkages.

The graphic instructions in the set-up software lead the user step-by-step through the set-up process. This ensures that even newcomers immediately feel familiar with the system.

The 3GX includes a Bluetooth interface. You will be able to program the 3GX wirelessly from a PC with the Bluetooth set, which will be available shortly. A smart-phone app which permits live parameter adjustment is currently still at the development stage.

The integral RCE-G600 governor function eliminates the need for a separate governor, thereby saving space and reducing the wiring in the model to the essential minimum.

A library of pre-configured 3GX settings is available, designed specifically for T-Rex helicopters: all the pilot has to do is select the optimum set-up for his model.

The 3GX can be set up in three different stages, in order to match the model's handling characteristics to suit any pilot from beginner to professional 3D flyer. 

User-defined parameters have been opened in the 3GX in order to enable the pilot to fine-tune numerous swashplate and tail rotor settings. User-defined settings can easily be exchanged using the Export function.

The 3GX exploits the latest, extremely highly specified gyro sensor technology. This technology makes it possible to employ the 3GX even under extremely harsh conditions. This new technology has enormously improved the corrective accuracy of the swashplate and tail rotor compared with the previous generation of 3G system. The improvement is clearly perceptible in the precise hovering characteristics and complex aerobatic manoeuvres.

Suitable for model helicopters of all classes from 200 to 700, glow or electric power. The 3GX is also extremely resistant to vibration, even when relatively hard adhesive pads are used. 

The 3GX utilises a 16-bit processor which is four times faster than the previous generation, running completely rewritten firmware. The result is an enormous improvement in stability, which is now comparable with that of a flybar-equipped helicopter, but combined with excellent agility.

With its integral pirouette correction the 3GX is capable of stabilising the helicopter in pirouette manoeuvres over a fixed point. Pirouettes with flips, and other manoeuvres of this kind, are now much easier to fly accurately.

The 3GX's tail rotor control program is based strongly on the software of the proven GP-780 gyro. The tail rotor always behaves consistently, even at high airspeeds.

Temperature range: -10° to +60°
Flip and roll rate (X and Y axes): -300° to +300°
Rotational rate, tail (Z axis): -600° to +600°
Dimensions: 36.5 x 25.2 x 15.6mm
Weight: 11 g
Supports digital servos with broad / narrow bandwidth and brushless servos
Supports the Futaba S-BUS system 
Sockets for Spektrum and JR satellite receivers
Equipped with internal governor
Maximum operating voltage: 8.5 V
Compatible with Spektrum receivers (resolution 1024 / 2048)
Supports 90 / 120 / 135 / 140 CCPM swashplate linkages
Can also be programmed without a PC
Compatible with two-blade to five-blade rotor heads
Operates with up to six servos
Automatic servo detection

Tail rotor diameter approx.: 171 mm
All-up weight approx.: 730 g
Length approx.: 705 mm
Height approx.: 205 mm
Main rotor diameter approx.: 804 mm
RC functions
•Collective pitch
•Tail rotor
•Motor control

Kit includes:

•1 x T-REX 450L Dominator
•1 set CFRP main rotor blades
•1 set tail rotor blades
•1 x 460MX brushless motor (1800 kV)
•1 x 3GX flybarless system
•3 x DS430M digital swashplate servo
•1 x DS525M digital tail rotor servo
•1 x RCE-BL45X brushless speed controller
•Building and operating instructions

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