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ALIGN MR25P Racing Quad Combo - Green RM42503XS
ALIGN MR25P Racing Quad Combo - Green RM42503XS
Item# 15H-RM42503XS


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With all the top and modern Elec technology, the MR25P is equipped with 7 in one: Flight Controller system, utilizes a 32 bits high speed processor that results in a highly stable and reliable performance. Providing the most effective way of system and camera setting adjustment via APP iOS & Android system, as well as with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility featuring low power long distance high speed transmission. The ideal Tilt angle camera provide instant tilting compensation in high speed flight.

The mainly structure is uniquely designed with adjustable motor tilt angle offering flexible compensation, and customizable 256 LED colors through APP. Superb lightweight and anti-collision frame design is also capable of 3D flips by moving aileron/elevator stick to the end. This is the one you definitely need, come and take a look!

A flight controller born from the intrgration of cutting edge electronics and innovative information technology. Utilizes a 32 bits high speed processor, combining ESC, power distribution systen, OSD, Bluetooth connectivity, and gimbal control function. Featuring high precision 6-axis gyroscopic sensor and barometric sensor. Drived from Align's auto pilot core technology, the highly intelligent attitude calculation subroutine results in a highly stable and reliable performance.

Setup and flight parameter tuning can be done through apps running on iOS/Android smart phone or tablets. In addition, the app can be used to control DV camera and video recordings. Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility featuring low power long distance high speed transmission.

High intensity LEDs at bottom, motor mounts, and back plate. With 256 colors customizable through smartphone app.

Single axis camera gimbal to provide camera tilting angle compensation during high speed flights, keeping camera image level with horizon. Tilting angle is also manually adjustable.
High Definition DV Video Recorder(1080P 30fps).
Supports 32G SD card.


Live Flight data display including flight time, mode, attitude, voltage, capacity, current, altitude, vertical velocity, camera mode, recording mode, and low voltage warning.

FPV through MR25P onboard DVR camera and 5.8GHz Video Transmitter, broadcast live with zero latency to LCD screen or FPV goggles.


Aerodynamically efficient outer shell made with light weight impact resistant ABS plastic alloy material. Provides extra protection while increasing flight visibility. Multiple color scheme available for customization.

Brand new Align BL1806-2300kv multirotor race motor, based on Align's legendary motor core technology, featuring high torque, high speed, high efficiency, low power consumption, and low temperature. Flight time approximately 9 minutes with 3s-1300mah battery.


Adjustable Motor Tilting Angle with maximum +/- 30 degrees angle offering flexibility to compensate for camera angle, or improve speed and stability, giving you the optimal edge at starting line.

Manages signal and power distribution. With single battery, power is distributed to flight control, motors, DVR, 5.8Ghz video downlink, gimbal, multifunction panel. Has a master power switch to make powering up simple, and a battery meter to display current battery capacity. The multifunction panel has unique brake and turn signals for the added realism during FPV racing.


Capable of 3D flips in manual mode by moving aileron/elevator stick to the end.


MRS Flight Control

Input Voltage: 10V~16.8V
Operating Frequency: 800HZ
Operating Temperature: -20?C~65?C(-4?F~149?F)
Maximum Angular Speed: Aileron/Elevator 400?/sec, Rudder 45?/sec
Maximum Tilting Angle: 80 degrees
Supports Multicopter Configurations: MR25, MR25P

Multicopter Brushless ESC

Input Voltage: 11.1V~14.8V(3S~4S Li-Po)
Max Continuous Current: 15A
Operating Temperature: -5?C~45?C(23?F~113?F)

RCM-BL1806 Brushless Motor 2300KV(RPM/V)

Input Voltage: 11.1V
Max Continuous Current: 12A
Max Continuous Power: 135W
Stator Arms: 12
Magnet Poles: 14
Dimesion/Weight: F5xF23x25.6mm/18.5g

5.8GHz Video Transmitter

Operating Frequency: 5.8GHz
Transmitting Channels: 32 CH
Input Voltage: 7~19V DC
Operating Current: 300mA 12V
Antenna Interface: RP SMA
Transmitting Power: 350mW
Dimesion: 31x23x11mm
Weight: 14g(Exclude Antenna)/21.48g(Include Antenna)

Video Camera

Recording: 1080P 30FPS/720P 60FPS
Encoding Format: Av1
Photo Resolution: 5M/3M pixels
Shutter speed: 2~1/8000sec
Input Voltage: 5V
Perspective: 90?
Memory Cards: Micro SD(Maximum Supported 32GB)
Interface: Mini USBAV OUT/DV INMRS Controller
Video Output Format: PALNTSC

Standard Equipment

MRS Flight Control System x 1
Brushless Motor BL1806(2300KV) x 4
5.8GHz Video Transmitter x 1
MR25 DV Video Recorder x 1
DV Camera Gimbal x 1


AirFrame Diameter: 250mm
AirFrame Height(Excluding Antenna): 78mm
Propeller Diameter: 5 inches(127mm) / 6 inches(152mm)
AUW(Excludes Battery): Approx.410g

Optional Equipment

MR25P Racing Quad x 1
5045 Propeller x 4
6040 Propeller x 4
Circular Ploarized Antenna TX x 1
MR25 Sticker x 1
S.BUS Connector x 1
Receiver Signal Wire x 2
Satellite Adapter x 1
Hook and Loop Tape x 3
Double Sided Tape x 1
Hook and Loop Tape x 1
Dual Lock Fastener x 2
Hex Head Wrench x 2


Align M25 Spare Parts
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MR25 Painted Canopy A HC42511
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MR25 Painted Canopy B HC42512
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1830 DV Camera HEA183001A
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1830 90 Degree DV Camera Shot HEA183001H
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1830 DV Camera Shot Circuit Board HEA183001J
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Cable Set HEA183001K
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Micro SD Card Holder HEA183001L
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Directional Antenna HEDFVT02
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5.8G Video Transmitter(25mW/40CH) HEDFVT03
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AG200 FPV Goggle HEMFPV02
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Align 3D VR Goggle HEMVR001
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Circular Polarized Antenna HEP00012
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5.8G Circular Polarized Gain Antenna RX Set HEP00015
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DV Signal Wire Set HEP42501
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Receiver Signal Wire Set HEP42502
Price: $14.14
RCM-BL 1806 Brushless Motor - (R) HML1806M01
Price: $37.13
RCM-BL 1806 Brushless Motor - (L) HML1806M02
Price: $37.13
Out of stock
RCM-BL2205 Brushless Motor - R HML2205M01
Price: $45.98
RCM-BL2205 Brushless Motor - L HML2205M02
Price: $45.98
MR25 Propeller Nut - Champagne Gold M425001XV
Price: $15.91
MR25 Propeller Nut M425001XX
Price: $15.91
Out of stock
MR25 Main Frame M425002XX
Price: $42.44
MR25 Arms - Iron Gray M425003XJ
Price: $19.44
MR25 Arms - Red M425003XR
Price: $19.44
MR25 Arms - Champagne Gold M425003XV
Price: $19.44
Multicopter 16 Aluminum Tube 71 M425003XX
Price: $19.44
MR25 Motor Tube Mount M425004XX
Price: $24.75
MR25P Motor Tube Mount M425005XX
Price: $24.75
MR25 Motor Mount Block M425006XX
Price: $22.98
MR25P Motor Mount Block M425007XX
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MR25 Landing Skid - White M425008XB
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MR25 Landing Skid - Yellow M425008XE
Price: $19.44
MR25 Landing Skid - Red M425008XR
Price: $19.44
MR25 Landing Skid - Green M425008XS
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MR25P Landing Skid - White M425009XB
Price: $19.44
MR25P Landing Skid - Yellow M425009XE
Price: $19.44
MR25P Landing Skid - Red M425009XR
Price: $19.44
MR25P Landing Skid - Green M425009XS
Price: $19.44
MR25 Motor LED Mounts Board M425010XX
Price: $12.37
MR25 Gimbal Servo M425011XX
Price: $28.29
MR25 Aluminum Bolt M425012XX
Price: $19.44
MR25 DV Mount M425013XX
Price: $19.44
MR25 Screw Parts M425014XX
Price: $17.68
New 1806 Motor Cover M425015AXX
Price: $12.37
MR25 Motor Mount LED Light Cover M425015XX
Price: $12.37
MR25 Power Supply Cover Set M425016XX
Price: $19.44
MRS Flight Control Circuit Board M425017XX
Price: $159.19
LED Light M425018XX
Price: $19.44
MR25 Servo Horn M425019XX
Price: $3.52
2205 Motor Cover
Price: $12.37
2205 Motor LED Mounts Board M425021XX
Price: $12.37
2205 Motor Upgrade Set for MR25 M425022XX
Price: $176.88
IMU Circuit Board M425023XX
Price: $44.21
MOSFET Set M425026XX
Price: $19.44
IMU Adhesive Gel M425027XX
Price: $7.06
5045 Propeller - Black MP05031A
Price: $8.83
5045 Propeller - Yellow MP05031E
Price: $8.83
5045 Propeller - Red MP05031R
Price: $8.83
5045 Propeller - Green MP05031S
Price: $8.83
Price: $8.83
6040 Propeller - Yellow MP06031E
Price: $8.83
6040 Propeller - Red MP06031R
Price: $8.83
Price: $8.83

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