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100 Rotor Housing H11005A
100 Rotor Housing H11005A
Item# 15P-H11005A
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Instruction: Specification:
??Use for T-REX 100X.
??Blue main shaft(H11007A) is used with T1.4x7mm Screw.Fasten it from the bigger hole on the main shaft mount.
??Red main shaft(H11007) is used with T1.4x2.5mm Screw.Fasten it from the smaller hole on the main shaft mount.
??Rotor Housing x 1 
??Damper x 1
??Damper Spacer x 2
??Damper Rubber x 2
??Washout Base x 1
??Round headed cross self tapping screw(T1.4x7mm) x 1 
??Round headed cross self tapping screw(T1.4x2.5mm) x 1 

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