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600 Carbon Night Blade Charger H60130
Item# 15P-H60130
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NOTE: The current of this charger is much higher, so please do not use it to charge 325mm Night Blade, or it may result in battery damage or danger.
  • Chargerx1
  • 1.Charger input voltage(directly connect to lead storage battery) DC5V~12V
  • 2.AC Switching Power adapter, Input voltage :AC 100V~240V 50Hz~60Hz
  • 3.Charge current:Approx. 60mA
  • 4.Charge time:Approx. 130 mins
  • 5.Full charge voltage:Approx. 4.2V
  • AC Switching Power adapterx1
  • DC power switcherx1
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