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OSD+FPV Video Transmitter(2W) -HED00001
Item# 15P-HED00001
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???Suitable for M480L / M690L.
???Must with APS-M Flight Control System, PCU Power Control Unit Set, G2/G3 Gimbal.
???Provides flight data output function such as satellite count, battery voltage, flight time, latitude/longitude, altitude, horizontal distance, horizontal speed, vertical speed, and flight mode.


???Selectable Channels?__32 CH
???Operating Temperature?__-20???~65???
???Input Voltage?__DC12V(3S)
???Transmitter Power?__1.55W
???Dimension?__64x43.8x29.5 mm
  54.4g(w/o Antenna)
  65g(With Antenna)
???OSD+FPV Video Transmitter x 1
???OSD Signal Wire x 1(Approx. 300mm)
???OSD+FPV Video Transmitter Double Sided Tape x 1

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