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The New 3 CH RC Electric AH-64 Apache Co-Axle Helicopter RTFw/ Lipo Battery
The New 3 CH RC Electric AH-64 Apache Co-Axle Helicopter RTFw/ Lipo Battery
Item# 3993-43B-Apache


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Apache AH-64 Co-Axle control Rotational System remote controller model helicopter is made by simulating and downsizing the Apache AH-64 helicopter. It can simulate basic acts of Apache such as hanging, advancing, retracting, yawing, and etc?

It applies design of co-axial double-propeller and inverted rotating. The upper propeller produces lift and at the same time balances the airframe. In the other hand, the lower propeller produces different speed detribalize the swerving and yawing of the helicopter. The unique design of co-axial inverted rotating of two propellers eliminates produced torsion and makes flying more stable and swift.

This helicopter applies high quality PA and PP materials with good stiffness that enhances its anti-break capability, and adopts emulation airframe design to furnish it with excellent external appearance.

  • Apache helicopter is the second generation, most advance helicopter, build on the latest CAD technology.
  • Can perform excellent flight either in small indoor space or outdoor in calm climate.
  • Fully Asembled, Ready To Fly Out Of The Box, Best For Beginner
  • Full length: 15.37 Inches
  • Full width: 6 Inches
  • Full height: 6.5 Inches
  • Maximal weight: 8.8 oz
  • Main rotor: 13.8 Inches
  • Engine: 180 hp fully Magnetic Motor
Package Include:
  • Ready To Fly Helicopter (include all components, fully asembled)
  • Radio Control Transmitter
  • Quick Battery Charger
  • Rechargeable 7.4V Lipo Battery Pack

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