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Sky RC E4 1-4 Cells Lithium Battery Charger
Sky RC E4 1-4 Cells Lithium Battery Charger
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The SKYRC e4 is a low-cost, high-quality 12V DC fast charger, designed for charging lithium batteries up to 4 cells. The charger includes an integral balancer. The charge current varies within the range of 100 to 4500 mA. The recommended charge rate is 1C

How to charge
First locate the power jack on the front side of the charger, and connect it to a 12 V lead-acid car battery or 12 V AC/DC Adaptor. The charger is now ready to use. The lithium battery is connected to the battery sockets on the right-hand side of the case using a charge lead terminated in banana plugs. When connecting the pack make sure to maintain correct polarity (red = + terminal / black = -terminal). The charge output is protected against reverse polarity and short-circuited, but it is always best to avoid these errors, and to correct them immediately if they do occur. The balancing cable is connected to the correspondent balancing socket. Both charge lead and balancing cable must be connected to the charger at the same time.
The Charge Procedures
The correct charge current must be set before you initiate the charge process. This is carried out by rotating the adjuster knob on the front panel to set the charge current to suit the battery (100 ?K 4500 mA). Usually we are using ??1C?? to charge the battery. This is the correct charge current for the most popular types of Lithium batteries. Naturally, the charger can cope with packs of higher capacity, but the charge time is proportionately longer. Certain high-performance Lithium batteries can be charged at rates higher than 1C.

DC input: 11-15 Volt
Cell count: 1-4 Lithium battery cells
Charge current: 0.1-4.5A
Circuit power: 40 Watt
Charge cut-off: Automatic
Dimension: 104x62x31mm
Net weight: 97g



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