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SJ991 IR 3.5CH Sky Writer Helicopter w/ Gyro (White) RC Remote Control Radio
  • SJ991 IR 3.5CH Sky Writer  Helicopter w/ Gyro (White) RC Remote Control Radio
Item# 28H-SJ991-White


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Ever seen those clocks that can display time in mid air? Well that technology has trickled into radio controlled helicopters. Xheli features the SJ991 infra-red 3.5 channel Sky Writer Helicopter. With the included computer software you can program this helicopter to project any message you fancy. Send a lovely message to your significant other, fly over to the kids room and regulate, or fly over to your roommate and tell them to quite down, the possibilities are endless! With a built in on-board gyro the helicopter is stable and easy to pilot. 3.5 channels give you the ability to ascend and descend, rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise, and pitch forward and backwards. ?


  • Shining LED Lights can show letters & pictures. Edit any letters & pictures with the software
  • Misty & bright LED lights
  • Built-in gyro offers the helicopter a nimble and stable flight; 
  • The display lights and flashing words can be toggled on/off by transmitter 
  • Adjustable control speed: High and Low


  • IR 3.5CH RC Helicopter 
  • Function: go up/down, go forward/backward, turn left/right
  • Battery for helicopter: rechargeable 3.7V 220MAH Li-po battery (included)
  • Battery for controller: 4X1.5V AA battery (not included)
  • Recharging by USB cable (included) *need to turn on the helicopter when charging
  • Flying time: about 6-8 mins 
  • Charging time: about 30 mins 
  • Remote control distance: ~ 10 meters
  • Accessory: 1xmanual;1xUSB; 2xmain blades;1xtail blades;1xCD
  • Product Size : 25.50*4.40*10.70cm (10x1.7x4.2in)

Package Includes:
1*USB Cable
1*CD Disk with instruction  
1* A Blade 
1* B Blade 
1* Tail Blade

Required to Fly:
4 AA Batteries
Computer CD Drive with Mini CD reading capability

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