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G350 Power Supply
G350 Power Supply
Item# 77P-G350-PowerSupply


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An excellent solution for power hungry chargers.
The Green Power AC Adapter can supply a constant 25A at 14v, making it perfect for chargers using alot of power to charge big packs fast, or you can hook up 2 or 3 smaller chargers to charge up to 5 or 6S packs each.
Even if you dont charge at high rates, having a solid power supply like this will ensure the charger is supplied with a good constant current, helping it to balance cells and operate better.

The charger will suit 100-240v 50-60Hz home power points. The plug uses a common kettle type, so it will be easy to source a local power cord, or an adapter for the USA style plug.
Input: 100~240v
Output: 14v @ 25A constant
FOR T610 and T6 multi

Case Dimensions: 194mm x 95mm x 54mm (60mm tall with 4 rubbers on bottom)
DC Out (2 Red 2 Black, on the side) Dims: 34 x 34mm x 23mm

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