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Sensor Shield V5 Digital Analog Module Servo Motor for Arduino UNO MEGA Duemilanove
Sensor Shield V5 Digital Analog Module Servo Motor for Arduino UNO MEGA Duemilanove
Item# 82P-AD-SensorShield-V5


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The Sensor Shield's purpose is make it easy to connect cables and devices to the correct Arduino pins. It simply connects the Arduino pins to many connectors that are ready to use to connect to various devices like Servos and Sensors with simple cables. The Sensor shield V5.0 has all the same features as the V4.0 except it comes with 2 communications ports that enable the use of Serial and I2C comm ports simultaneously.

You can build electronics projects just as easy as piling bricks. Arduino and the community have made the programming much easier than ever before. By using electronic bricks, you may connect Arduino compatible boards easily with various digital, analog and I2C/Uart interfaces. These breadboard-less firm connection are prepared to extensive modules like potentiometers, sensors, relays, servos, and even buttons, just plug and play. 

Each terminal module has buckled port with VCC, GND and Output, which has corresponding port on the sensing board, with a plain 2.54mm dual-female cable you may start playing already. Buckled brick cables are like cement for bricks, make the connections easier, secure and more professional looking.

You can easily connect with usual analog sensors by using this expansion board, such as ray sensor. If you support by this expansion board and corresponding circuit module, you only need to combine arduino and sensors module by using special cables
because concrete circuit details achieved by corresponding sensors module, so you only need to consider that how to read data coming from the sensor by program in arduino.

Dissipation Power: 1W-6W
Operating Temperature: -40 - 125 Celsius
Supply Voltage: 1.5-6v

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