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EC135 450 Pre-Painted Glass Fiber Fuselage Style (Red) 96P-450-fuse-01-red
EC135 450 Pre-Painted Glass Fiber Fuselage Style (Red) 96P-450-fuse-01-red
Item# 96P-450-fuse-01-red


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EC 135 Scale Fuselages with the Realistic and detailed of the real helicopter!

Utilizing high quality molded fiberglass & automotive quality paint, EC 135 Scale Fuselages brings scale realism to life with amazing detail & finish. Adding special touches to each fuselage, EC 135 Scale Fuselages draws from true life helicopters, adding scale detail modelers can appreciate with fine detail that will surely thrill in flight. This scale fuselage comes with magnet open/close canopy for easy access to electronics.

Making scale flight easier is EC 135 Scale Fuselage's magnetic hatches, allowing easy & instant battery access for fuss free adjustments & battery changes. With magnetic hatches, helicopter access is simple & easy, and requires no special tools, allowing you to simply enjoy your flight without the fuss & bother of disassembling the canopy when access is needed.

Debuting in the mid 1990’s, the Euro copter EC-135 featured cutting edge designs within the light twin turbine market, such as a Fenestron tail rotor system that added safety, performance & noise reduction. The EC-135 has been a favorite amongst EMS/Life Flight providers, and has excelled in all manners of this field due to its versatility & performance.

Adding to this scale realism, EC 135 Scale Fuselages incorporates scale exhaust vents, aircraft “tail numbers,” along with other varied details unique to the fuselage itself. Coalesce scale details with a highly detailed, pre-painted fuselage, this fuselage will add a whole new look to your RC helicopter, and will be sure to stand out from all the rest!

This EC 135 Scale Fuselages unit maintains a constant r.p.m. due to its belt driven design, and utilizes your tail servo to vary the pitch for instant tail rotor authority, allowing your helicopter to perform in all manners of flight without the worry of losing control over the tail rotor.

Product Fit For:

Align Trex 450 (X/XL/SE/SEV2/Sport)
Thunder Tiger Mini Titan 325
Esky Belt CP V1/V2
Esky Honeybee King V2
Eflite Blade 400


Fuselage Length: 735mm (28.93 in.)
Fuselage Width: 125mm (4.92 in.)
Fuselage Height: 225mm (8.85 in.)
Fuselage Weight: 338g (11.92 oz.)


(1) Fully painted Fiberglass Scale Fuselage
(2) Horizontal Stabilizers
(2) Vertical Stabilizers
(1) Wood Frame Stand
(1) Hardware Pack

Items Needed:

(1) CA Glue – Medium/Thick Recommended

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