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Welcome to, the internet's #1 online shop specializing in all kinds of radio controlled helicopters for both beginners and experienced hobbyists with the best price and best possible service online We carry the most plug-n-play ready-to-fly (RTF) radio controlled RC helicopters in the United States."'s Alexa ranked #1 as the most popular online source for radio controlled helicopters.  Don't waste money on overpriced Rc helicopters when offers the same high quality 100% ready-to-fly electric R/c helicopters at a much lower price! Customers choose to use to shop for radio control helicopters  are always guaranteed the lowest prices online, the best service possible with FREE Online Techical Support via - a friendly radio control helicopter community supporting your hobby.
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BlueRay 450PE RTF
XHeli Special Deal

Belt CP Special Deal

HeliPro BlackHawk 450SE

Gaui RC Helicopter Store
EXI - Advanced RC Helicopters - Strong - Light - Powerful
The All-New 2.4G Technology is available here at
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2.4Ghz Spektrum Airwolf, Chinook, Apache RC Helicopters

New Exceed-RC Mini Spark 4 Channel Mini Radio Control Electric RTF Helicopter On Sale Now! $109

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Looking for a competition level radio control helicopters?  Look no further as the EXI Professional Helicopter Series has everything you ever wanted for your helicopters.  Carbon fiber parts, CNC heads with aluminum grades, wind punching performance in the sky, ninja ability, and more! EXI RC Helicopters- Powered by High Performance Parts. Join the Evolution

EXI Professional RC Helicopters
1.  EXI 450 ARF Radio Remote Controlled Helicopter Kit { Standard Edition } 90% Assembled ARF Kit $99.00
EXI 450-ZL Super Edition 90% Assembled ARF Kit $199.95
New Aluminum Alloy EXI MA450 PRO Version w/ TREX-450 HOP UPs ! (Blue/Yellow Model) $189.95
Yellow Version Aluminum Alloy EXI MA450 PRO Version w/ TREX-450 HOP UPs ! (Yellow Model) $189.95
EXI Aluminum Alloy MB450 ARF Helicopter V2 3D Pro   (Yellow) $189.95

The All-New G2 V2 Super Edition (6-Channel) RC Helicopter - the Most powerful 400-class beast on the Planet!
All-New Super Edition G2 by Exceed RC - Simply put, it's one of the most dynamic 400 class electric remote control helicopter in its class ever. The Super Edition G2 creates an whole new level of  excitement in radio control helicopter. Powered by Alpha 400 brushless motor, 30A Volcano ESC, 11.1V 1800mAH lithium polymer battery Assembled and Tested in the United States. 100% free from defect.  100% Ready to Fly! Buy the G2 Super Edition Now  100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed by
G2 Super Edition RC Helicopter

The Exceed G2's V2 performance will surpass a professional's expectation...a pleasant surprise! The brushless motor and LiPo battery provide plenty of power and fly the G2 with authority. The version 2 airframe is well engineered and uses tried-and-true controls that don't require computer mixing. This keeps the setup simple and straight forward for beginners and experts alike. The heading hold gyro will help beginner pilots learn to hover and is sensitive enough to hold its heading through 3D maneuvers. It is an incredible value considering you get a fully aerobatic chopper with features that cost extra on similar micro choppers.

Exceed G2 RC Helicopter Standard Edition

The Falcon 40 is America's #1 Best Selling 4-Channel RC Helicopter
"The Falcon 40 is the coolest remote controlled helicopters for beginners. It's a real bargain at this price for one of the world's hottest radio controlled toy.  Best of all, replacement parts are dirt cheap here at! So even if you break this, you can fix it!" Radio Controlling Helicopter is a Great Hobby to Enjoy on a Sunny Day or something to relax with in the house

The Blazing Star by Exceed RC is one of the most powerful+durable radio control helicopter for beginners. Not only is it ready fly out of the box - one quick charge of the battery - this 4-channel co-axial helicopter comes upgraded with tons of aluminum and metal parts that make it look like a futuristic flying machine in the house.  As of now, you won't able to find such a piece of art at this price! Only $129.95 100% Assembled - 100% Ready-to-Play!
Easy to Fly Co-Axial RC Helicopter

The Esky Belt-CP RC Helicopter is the world's most popular 6-channel rc helicopter completed with brushless, lipo battery, a stand alone gyro (one of the most reliable gyro in the market), and is belt-driven, all for just $189.95 at - the low price leader in radio remote control helicopters.

Flaming Hot Deal! 6-Channel Walkera H22E Version 3 RC Helicopter!
Already the world's most popular 6 channel rc helicopter, the Walkera H22E Dragonfly is now in its third revision since it's debut back in 2003 and has taken the rc world by storm with its popularity.  With the latest version, the H22E is built with a much improved rotor head to make this bird one of the ultimate choice for anyone who is ready to step up to the next level in radio control helicopter.  And at this price for only $99.95, it is not hard to figure out that has the best deal in the world!

Version 3 H22E RC Helicopter

The EXI 450ZL is one of the most advanced radio control helicopter that you will ever come across.  It is jam-packed with all the goodies like aluminum/cnc upgrades, carbon fiber blades, metal frame and more! All this for only $199.95!

ARF Pro Version

Walkera HM 5#10 is the newest designed co-axial helicopter on the market. It has the newest mechanism and structure. Many potential problems of co-axial helicopter in previous generation are fixed or improved. It has the lowest center of gravity and best balancing. That means this helicopter is very stable and easy to control.

Best Designed Co-Axial Helicopter - Very Stable Flight! Easy to Control!
Ready To Fly - Everything Pre-Installed, No Assembly Required tested and calibrated every helicopter we sold. So, all you have to do is to open the box, charge the battery and enjoy the flight immediately!

Unbelievable Low Price! For $44.95, you can get one of the highest quality 2.4 Ghz Spy Camera Complete with everything out of the box!  Use your helicopter or even your DoG to Spy on Anything you Want!

Wireless RC Spy Camera for Radio Controlled Helicopter