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Colco Cyclone/Thunderbird 11H10_ColcoThunderBirdHeli
Colco Cyclone/Thunderbird  11H10_ColcoThunderBirdHeli
Item# 11H10_ColcoThunderBirdHeli
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CLC Concept Type II Mini Wireless Controlled Electronic helicopter is an up-to-date high-tech product.It consists of three major sections:helicopter mechanical structureand; electronic control equipment and remote control unit.It offers unimaginable flying performance and flying performance and flying time period to help you make your flying dream come ture.At the same time,it is compact ,and easy to operate.In particular,its unique framework structure with high strength offers high crash-resistance beyond comparison of any other model helicopter,cutting your flying cost considerably.

Thunder Bird RC Heli


Main Rotor:51cm
Fuselage Length;54.5cm
Maximal Weight:350g
Battery:9.6v 700mah

Thunderbird RC Helicopter Flying Demo




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