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R/C Helicopters Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Radio will not turn on/communicate with helicopter. What is wrong?

A: Make sure all 8 batteries are installed in the radio and the full LED display on radio lights up.

Q: Will my helicopter hover by itself?
A: No. A properly trimmed helicopter will fly very stable, however continuous inputs are required.

Q: Everything works but the motors. What is wrong?
A: Make sure and check that the throttle and trim tab on the radio is all the way down. On the 3D model, make sure the flight
    mode switch is in the up and normal position.

Q: On the Walkera H22, Eagle 50 and Walkera #5-4 models, what are the toggle switches and button on the front of the radio for?
A: This is a universal radio and those switches are not functional for these applications.

Q: What are the dip switches on the back of the radio for and what do they do?
A: They are set at the factory and should not be changed as the helicopter will become non operational. Refer to manual for proper sequence.

Q: How should the flybar paddles be set?
A: They should be straight and level and parallel to the flybar tray.

Q: How tight/loose should the main blades be?
A: The main blades should be just tight enough to hold in place but not so loose as to let the blades flop around.

Q: Will my nickel metal hydride (NiMH) charger also charge my lithium polymer (LiPO) batteries?

A: No. Do not attempt. You must use a charger specifically for LiPO batteries.

Q: Will the charger that came with my ready-to-run vehicle charge the higher milliamp (mah) after-market

A: No. We do not recommend this application. It is best to acquire a peak type charger.

Q: How do I determine the charge rate of my battery?
A: There are many factors that determine charge rate. Check manufacturer’s specifications for charging. Most receiver packs should be charged at 1 amp. Most stick packs should be charged at 3-4 amps.

Q: Does my nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery need to be fully discharged before re-charging?
A: No. A NiMH battery does not require a full discharge each time. We recommend approximately one full discharge every 30 cycles.

Q: How long will my battery last in terms of life expectancy?
A: If a battery is properly charged and used in a proper application, you should get hundreds of uses.

Q: Does my NiMH battery need to be discharged for storage?
A: No. NiMH batteries must have at least a 50% charge left before storing.

Q: How do I charge my LiPO battery?
A: LiPO batteries should only be charged with a specified charger at the recommended charge rate. Check manufacturer’s specifications for the battery and charge rate.

Q: How long will it take to charge my battery?
A: Charging time greatly depends on charge rate, mah capacity and type of charger. All times will vary. Always check
    charger and battery specifications.

Q: Should my battery get very hot on a charger?
A: No. Excessive heat indicates overcharge and will result in battery damage.

Q: How do I properly dispose of a battery?
A: Do not throw away! Check with a local recycler or electrical store. These places usually have the proper recycle bins.

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