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PROLUX Multi Battery Checking Device FM23-2721
PROLUX Multi Battery Checking Device FM23-2721
Item# FM23-2721
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Product  Specification:
New design multi battery checking device. Great for monitoring battery power before using battery for radio control models or hobby device.

-10 bits FUJITSU MCU IC design; reading voltage accurately
-Reverse voltage protection
-Large LCD display shows battery voltage and 10-step capacity icon
-Capable of measuring : Li-Po 1-7cell (3.7V - 25.9V)
                                        Li-Fe 1-7cell (3.2V - 22.4V)
(Voltmeter detecting range is between 3.5V - 31.5V)
-Capable of measuring : Ni-Cd/MH 4-8cell (4.8V - 9.6V)

            The test result for Ni-Cd/MH shows under condition of 330mA current loading and test   range is between 3.5V - 12.2V

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