Lesson 1: Stall Turns

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Lesson 1: Stall Turns


The Stall Turn is probably the first 'Real' maneuver that should be learned. (Autos will be argued by some but hey, this is my page) You should be comfortable with flipping to Idle Up to maintain a good head speed. If not, go directly to Jail, do Not pass Go, and do Not collect $200.

The first stall turns should be down wind. Fly by at full or near full throttle, first time nice and high, pull back the elevator (aft cyclic) nice and slow and release when the heli is pointing Almost Vertical. (Even 45 degrees is a good starting point)

You may now wish you had paid more attention to tail rotor, gyro, and Revo setup. Its too late now so just hang on, heli will probably rotate on its own before it starts to descend and/or return, help it around with rudder but do NOT try to push it the other way, that could be a big mistake.

The Shuttle doesn't like flying backwards too much so chances are real good, before it gets too close to the ground, it will be flying back at you going nose first, albeit towards the ground. Just add the rest of your Collective, and slowly pull back the elevator until almost level and release.

Do this over and over again, reducing the collective during vertical so it goes straight up and down and timing your rudder for nice slow turns at the top. Do these in both upwind and downwind directions, and turn rudder in both directions.

After a couple of tanks of fuel you will want to fine tune the revo mix.

Fine tune REVO...

If heli is trying to rotate at the top of the stall when collective stick is set for zero degrees, you will have to correct.

If Rotating Clockwise at the top of stall turn ADD a bit of tail rotor 'REVO' Pitch when Main Blades are at '0' degrees, Subtract a bit if rotating counterclockwise. These changes should only be done to the 'Idle Up Revo' settings.

Now go out and practice some more. When ready to try first 540, start applying the rudder just a little earlier. Under-rotating or over-rotating will give you a rush that will take a while to forget.

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