LYNX-380XL 6 Channel 3D CCPM RTF Helicopter ColcoLynx

LYNX-380XL 6 Channel 3D CCPM RTF Helicopter ColcoLynx
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Product Description

The Latest Product of Colco LYNX-380XL 6 Channel 3D CCPM RTF Helicopter.  The Lynx-380XL Helicopter is designed as easy to use, full featured Helicopter R/C model capable of all forms of rotary flight. It features the best design available on the Micro-Heli market to date, providing flying stability for beginners, full aerobic capability for advanced fliers, and unsurpassed reliability for customer support.  CCPM (collective cyclic pitch mixing) transmitter is especially designed for flying the CP 3D helicopter. The throttle stick controls both the motor speed and the pitch servos

If you choose to "Buy It Now", you will get the following FREE gifts :
FREE Simulator Cable and Software and Extra Blade

Ready to Fly !
Only need 8 AA Batteries for Transmitter

This is a high quality CCPM 3D heli that can be mastered by the beginner in normal flight mode and enjoyed by the advanced pilot in 3D mode.

*Comes with a powerful 7.4V 1600mAH Li-po battery and charger , much longer flying time than the usual Ni-MH pack.
*Fully functional CCPM heli with 3D and inverted flight capabilities, c
apable of flying acrobatic.
*3 x 6g servos and high quality lock gyro
*6 Channel radio gear with 3D and gyro lock switches
*New design of rotor head, so that it is more stable in the air, suitable to fly in indoor as well as outdoor.
*Carbon fibre tail boom
*All ball bearing construction
As with all Colco products the Lynx is constructed using only high quality materials, the highest production standards and ball bearings throughout to produce one of the best quality helicopters in it's class. It comes 100% ready built and is setup and test flown by the factory ensuring you a trouble free first flight. To further enhance your enjoyment, you can fly this both indoors and out.

FREE simulator software and connector cable, this means you can train to fly your Lynx on the pc using the transmitter as the controller just as you would with the real model. This is very useful for practising those inverted flight maneuvers!


Rotor Head : Full CCPM with Metal swash plate
Transmitter : 6 Channel 3D
Receiver : 6 Channel
Weight : 320g
Main Rotor Diameter : 520mm
Fuselage Length : 530mm
Fuselage Width : 120mm
Fuselage Height : 180mm
Tail Rotor Diameter : 130mm
Weight : 320g

Screw on chassis and skids for easy repair

Metal swash plate with 3 servos for extreme 3D aerobatics

High quality gyro and receiver

Metal main gear drive plate and chassis for strength and precision

Metal swash plate and link for precision and durability

New design for the main rotor, it makes the flight very stable

Brass motor pinion & steel ball race for durability and precision

35Mhz for Europe and 72Mhz for USA/Canada ,Mode 1 or Mode 2 Left Hand Throttle (available upon request at payment), you can fly the Lynx in "normal mode" and it behaves just like a conventional model heli, when you flick the 3D switch, the rotors turn at a constant speed and the throttle stick controls the pitch of the rotor blades. It is the ability to change the rotor pitch that allows inverted flight and 3D aerobatics.

                     100~240V Li-po charger                                                      7.4V 1600mAh Li-po battery

if you want some spare parts, pls contact us, we can offer all the spare parts for this model

Package Include:  

*LYNX-380XL Helicopter pre-assembled, with all servos and receiver installed (zero assembly time) READY TO FLY !
*6 Channel high quality
*3 x 6g Servos
RS380ED high speed main motor
6Ch Transmitter (35 / 72MHZ), Mode 1 (Throttle on Right hand) and Mode 2 (Throttle on Left hand) available
35MHz for Europe ,72MHz for USA & Canada
*1 Pair of Crystals
7.4V 1600mAH Li-po battery (longer flying time)
100~240V Li-po charger
*NEC GY400 lock gyro
English Manual
*New Color Box
*Free Training Kits
*Free Foam Main Blades
*Free Simulator cable and Software