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Micro 3-Channel RC Helicopters
{ 100% Assembled RC Helicopters Included Electronics & Radio. All Ready to Fly! }

Need an rc helicopter that is ultra small and is easy to fly indoors? This is the one for you. This is our smallest rc helicopter and perfect for flying inside your living room or bedroom. Makes a great gift that is fun all year long for ages 8-80. Easy to control and anyone can fly this helicopter. Now everyone can fly their very own rc helicopter. Comes completely assembled and ready to fly with remote control and battery charger. This indoor rc helicopter can hover and fly with precision control. For bigger size 3-channel heli, click here.


Hover Up/Down

Spin Tail Left/Right Fly Forward Fly Backward Tilt Left & Right Fly 3D/Inverted
2-Channel Yes Yes No No No No
3-Channel Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
4-Channel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
6-Channel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes