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Curtis Youngblood Rave 90 ENV Kit (Flybarless Electric) ND-YR7-K1003
Curtis Youngblood Rave 90 ENV Kit (Flybarless Electric) ND-YR7-K1003
Item# ND-YR7-K1003


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This is the Flybarless Electric version of the Rave 90 ENV from Curtis Youngblood Enterprises. No matter whether you fly Nitro or Electric, Flybar or Flybarless, the Rave 90 ENV (Electric-Nitro-Version) allows you unparalleled flexibility. The second design to come for the mind of Curtis Youngblood, The Rave 90 ENV will satisfy any pilot looking to experience the best in design, detail, and performance.


  •  Simple, easy to assemble design
  •  All metal rotor head
  •  Light weight design for ultimate 3D performance
  •  Rigid frame design for precision flying
  •  Multi position control options for mild to wild flying
  •  +/- 14 degree collective range
  •  Multi use frame stiffeners to fine tune preferred setup
  •  Heavy duty tail system
  •  Smooth torque tube tail drive for high end 3D or FAI performance
  •  Frame design allows easy conversion from electric to nitro and back
  •  Rotor head design allow easy conversion to flybarless and back
  •  Top mounted motor allows for easy battery installation and optimum CG
  •  Large Mod1 main gear
  •  Large Mod1 pinion gear
  •  Tail boom pined on both ends for positioning and safety
  •  New control surface pinning feature for easy pushrod setup


  •  Length: 1340mm
  •  Height: 475mm
  •  Main blade length: 690-710mm
  •  Main rotor diameter: 1531-1571mm
  •  Tail rotor diameter: 295mm
  •  Main gear: 130T
  •  Drive gear ratio: variable:1:4.54 (E:M:T)
  •  Weight: 4720g

Included Accessories:

  • (1) Rave 90 ENV Flybarless Electric Kit
  •  (1) Painted Fiberglass Canopy
  •  (1) Illustrated Instruction Manual
  •  (1) 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
  •  (1) Switch mount
  •  (1) Satellite Receiver Mount
  •  (1) Boom Support Bridge
  •  (1) Velcro Straps

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