Co-Axial Rotor (Beginners)

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Product Description

Coaxial rotor RC helicopters are generally small electric helicopters which are very well suited to those pilots just starting out with RC helicopters. Lacking the traditional tail rotor system used by most helicopters to counteract the torque reaction of the main rotors, Co-X helicopters uses an arrangement known as twin coaxial main rotors. This setup employs two main rotor assemblies stacked atop one another, sharing a common rotational axis (hence "coaxial"). The rotors spin in opposite directions (one clockwise, the other counter-clockwise) and thereby cancel out the normally generated torque, and thus eliminating the need for a tail rotor.  The "co-ax", as it's generally known, employs dual electric motors (one for each rotor) and a fairly sophisticated electronic control system. It's within the electronics that the helicopter's rotation is stabilized, and the main motors are synchronized in order to maintain the excellent stability these helicopters are known for.  Some popular RC coaxial helicopters are the Walkera Series and the Co-Co Lama from Esky. Most of these helicopters are very small and lightweight which means that they're better suited for indoor-only flight.  For more info on this type of helicopters, you can visit -'s Online Support Forum.