Lesson 2: Basic ground excercises

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Lesson 2: Basic ground excercises


Finally, we are actually going to start to learn how to fly. Enough of that setup mumbo-jumbo, I want to have fun! Here we go...

aa Construct a simple pair of training gear.

This is very easy to do, and will save you several crashes. What you need is two 4' dowl rods, and four balls (Can be made of Styrofoam, Wiffle Balls, Tennis Balls, etc). Now, drill a hole half way through each ball, and glue them to each end of the two dowl rods.

Now it looks like you have to batons.

Now, cris-cross these on your r/c heli and attach them to your skids with zip ties, or worm gear clamps. What you have done is made it so if you come down for a landing crooked, the gear hits before your blades hit.

Saves alot of money. Here is what an arial view would look like.

                0                 0

\ / \ || || / \|| ||/ || X || /|| ||\ / || || \ / \ 0 0

If you can imagine this, the || are your landing skids, the / and \ are your dowl rods, and the 0 are your balls. I would not learn how to fly without these on your heli.

Now on with the basic ground exercises!

First, start your heli and put it in the middle of your flying field. Now you will want to slowly bring the throttle/collective up to right before the heli starts to lift off. If it starts to hover, lower your throttle/collective stick slightly until you find the point that it wants to hover, but does not quite have enough power. Now, move your cyclic controls around and see how the helicopter reacts. You will notice that the helicopter wants to slide to the right, left, forward and back. What you want to do is keep it stationary. Try your hardest to keep it right where you placed the helicopter after starting it.

Do this a few times, and each time get it closer and closer to the point where it wants to hover. After about 2-3 fuel tanks of this we are ready for the next step, 3-5ft hover.

Good Luck!