Lesson 4: 90 degrees Hover (Left and Right/Forward and Back)

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Lesson 4: 90 degrees Hover (Left and Right/Forward and Back)


After mastering the 3-5 foot hover, you are ready to hover in diffrent areas.

You have four quandrents:

                1      A      2
                3             4  

aa Now, you see the 1,2,3,4 but what is the 'A'? This is where you were hovering in the last lesson.

I know want you to again place your helicopter on the 'A' spot, bring your helicopter to a 4-5 foot hover.

Once everything is settled down, slowly move your helicopter to area 1. This will be anywhere from 5-10 foot to your left/front side.

Now, get familiar with hovering the helicopter in this area, and then slowly move the helicopter to area 2. Again, 5-10 foot to your right/front side.

Once you have a feel for hovering to your sides, go back and master areas 1 and 2.

Once you can hover in areas 1 and 2 as good as you can on the 'A' spot, lets try to hover in area 3 and 4. Repeat the same steps as above. Also, when hovering in areas 3 and 4, do not turn around. Turn your head, but not your body.

This will get you ready to start your circle rounds in Lesson 7.

Do not forget to have fun!