Lesson 6: Forward Flight Basics

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Lesson 6: Forward Flight Basics


Now that you are tired of hovering all around the place, lets get into some forward flight!

What fun...

Again, like always bring your helicopter to a 3-5 foot hover. Now give it a little forward cyclic control to move into forward flight.

The helicopter will begin to loose altitude and at this point, pull your cyclic control back.

This will not only stop the altitude loss, but will also stop your helicopter from moving forward. You will also probably notice that the helicopter will begin to rise in altitude.

You will want to lower the throttle/collective and bring the helicopter back down to a 3-5 foot hover. Hover it right back to your original starting point, and try this a few more times.

As soon as you get used to what your helicopter feels like in transitional lift, and your transition into forward flight, lets start a hover about 10-15 foot.

From this hover, again give your helicopter some forward cyclic control, and this time when the helicopter begins to loose altitude, let it until it reaches 5-8 foot.

At this point, pull your cyclic back, to slow the decent, and cause the helicopter to come out of forward flight.

Again, repeat this a few times and when you are confident with going into and coming out of forward flight, move onto the next step, Circle a Rounds!

Do not let it get going to fast towards the beginning!