Lesson 7: Circle Arounds in Forward Flight

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Lesson 7: Circle Arounds in Forward Flight



Now that you have learned about forward flight, and have experience transitioning into and out of forward flight, lets try a circle around.

Now bring your helicopter to a 3-5 feet hover, and move into forward flight.

Now bank the helicopter so you are staying about 20 feet away from yourself about 10 feet up, in a circle to which ever direction is easier for you. After a few circles around yourself, let the helicopter go to 30-40 feet away from you, and 20-30 foot in the air.

Slowly increase the altitude and distance till you are circling about a 300 foot radius, and in the air 100 feet. This will take some time, but will allow you to develop a sixth sense, the ability to determine what your helicopter is doing at a distance. Once you have mastered this, switch your direction.

If you were going clockwise, go counter-clockwise and visa-versa.

What ever you do, do not let it get at too steep of an angle towards the ground.