Getting a 4-Channel RC Helicopter

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Product Description

Falcon 40 Exceed RC HelicopterIf you are in a market for your first ready to fly helicopter, you no longer need to go searching or scavenging for the components needed to get in the air! These 4-channel fixed pitch helicopters for true beginners have everything to get you started. Unlike competitions selling similar product at a higher markup with no absolute quality control, every 100% RTF (Ready-To-Fly) rc helicopter sold at has been tested, trimmed and flown by our skilled factory technicians (the list) before carefully packaging inside the box. Any one of these 4-channel hobby-graded rc helicopter makes a wonderful beginner's choice or gift and is also great for the experienced pilot because it's 100% ready to fly out of the box (just need to charge for full power). And if you are afraid of crashing, may we recommend that the fastest and most safety way to master radio remote controlled helicopter is to learn to pilot the helicopter on your computer with the new USB Esky Flight Simulator Kit for just $19.95- "...the flight simulator kit at helps just as much as the $300 flight simulating software!"  But don't forget that a training kit for just six bucks will save you a lot of headache from crashing.