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Exceed RC Falcon 40 50H01_Falcon40
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Falcon 40 Exceed RC

Training Videos & Support Forum presents a new ready-to-fly helicopter, the Falcon 40 Micro Electric Heli. Big on performance, small in size, this new helicopter fills a direct need for people interested in real helicopter fight who need a small and simple to operate machine that is affordable. The Falcon 40 is built and ready to fly right from the box. Gyro/mixer/esc/receiver combination is all installed in this completely assembled helicopter. All the you have to do is charge the fight battery (AC 110 V wall charger included) and install 8 AA batteries (sold separately) in the transmitter and you will be Ready-To-Fly!

The Falcon 40 RC Helicopter has all functions of modern Helicopter, it can fly with ascent and descent, hover, yaw to left and right, go forward and backward. These action is handled by the Helicopter's two major parts: Helicopter mechanical architecture ( the airframe, two drive motors, main rotary wing, etc) and Electronic units ( The transmitter/receiver, servo, gyroscope and electronic mixer are the important part for the Helicopter to balance the force produced by the main rotary wing and pushing force produced by the tail rotary wing). Especially the considerable arrangement of the two sets of main/tail rotary wing allows you operate the helicopter handily, and help you realize your Helicopter dream!

"This Falcon 40 RC helicopter is the coolest toy I've ever owned! Even my 12 year old boy can fly it. This is about my 7th or 8th RC helicopter since  1980.... Finally, a helicopter that works and is not a mechanical nightmare!"

Fly these super little helicopters indoors or outside when its calm. It is ready to fly and complete with radio control unit, batteries and chargers and PC Simulation Cable. A brilliant way to get acclimatized to RC helicopter control.


Exceed RC Radio Remote Control Helicopter - Falcon 40 - Fixed Pitch
90 degree Swashplate
Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor
370 Carbon brush main motor
4-ch and LED with Multistage Function
3-in-1 receiver
Bulit-in Gyro
Lightweight and Solid Structure

Product Details
Main Rotor Span : 510mm
Tail Rotor Span : 145mm
Fuselage length : 469mm
Product Dimensions (mm) : 460L.x150W.x160H.
Item Size (mm) : 550 L.x230 W. x140 H.
Weight : without battery 185g
Frequency : 35 / 72 mhz

The Helicopter is equipped with Helicopter-dedicated 4-channel remote control equipment, so the Helicopter has outstanding performance, with very perfect anti-interfering capacity, which provides your flight with safe, more interesting and reliably.

Item Features
Full Function Radio Controlled
4 Channel R/C Set included, complete Left/ Right, Up/ Down Control ( RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR AND THROTTLE
Factory Pre- assembled, zero assembly time
Carbon Fibre flybar and boom for Superior strength and durability
Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor / Backyard / Park ( 500 sqft area )
10?V15 minutes Flight time for each charge
Brand New, with original package
Full spare Parts available
Brand New, with original Package
Complete kit

Item Packing
3 in 1 Mixer / Gyro / Receiver Board
4 Channel Receiver
2 X 9g Servos
1 Pair of Crystals
Transmitter 4 Channel with Servo ( Mode 1 & Mode 2 )
8.4v Ni-MH 650 mAh Rechargeable battery
AC Adaptor charger
Instruction Manual

The Remote control system is designed based on micro-computer technology, except the normal 4-ch RC function and very strong anti-interfering capability, it has auto-pilot function (when the transmitter is shut down, the receiving can still operate stably with malfunction). And with the CPU based Transmitter you can link the Transmitter to your computer Serial port to simulate the Helicopter flight, just like to play game to learn how to fly real Helicopter (you need 3D Flight Simulator game software). The function is really useful for Helicopter beginner!!!

The Falcon Helicopter is more suitable for beginner. Its footrest is designed with one integrated unit, so it is more stable for landing, even if you min-control the helicopter, you will not broke the footrest !

New to this hobby? Here are some of the essential items you may find useful to get started.  Have fun!  

Falcon 40 RC Battery
Original stock battery for the Falcon 40 requires 2-3 hour to charge per flight.  If you hate waiting, then it will not be a bad investment. $9.00

Carbon Fiber Training Kit
Having a training kit is like buying cheap insurance for your helicopter. Why risk crashing it? Protect your helicopter. Protect your investment. $6.00

Esky RC Simulator
You can sharpen your flying skills by practicing on computers and learn a lot no matter basic or advanced skills. $19.95

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