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Welcome to, the internet's #1 online shop that specializes in all kinds of radio controlled helicopters for both beginners and experienced hobbyists with the best price and best possible service online. We carry the most plug-n-play and ready-to-fly (RTF) radio controlled RC helicopters in the United States." is ranked #1 on the internet with the lowest price for many kinds of high tech radio controlled helicopters. Don't waste money on overpriced rc helicopters when offers the same high quality 100% ready-to-fly electric R/c helicopters at a much lower price! Not only do we guarantee low price, we are committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Customers choose to use to shop for radio control helicopters are always guaranteed the lowest prices online, the best service possible along with FREE Lifetime Online Technical Support via - a friendly rc helicopter community supporting your hobby.

So if you are searching for the latest electric radio remote controlled helicopters, which a lot of people are doing the same thing right now,XHELI had already spanned the globe for the most amazing RC helicopters and put them here just for you. Do not pay thousands of dollars for RC helicopters when XHELI offers the same high quality models with the lowest price in the world. Serving both the beginner and experienced pilots, most of our RC helicopters come assembled and ready to fly. This year, we are stocked up with the latest 6-8 Channel DragonFly Series with belt drive/aluminum upgrade parts and collective pitch capability which allow 3D flight and inverted flight maneuvers. We also carry Counter-Rotation Helicopters, Zoom 400 and 450 series, and of course tons of part support and upgrades!

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is your online radio control expert. We are designed to help you get top-quality radio control models delivered right to your door fast and secure. With our headquarter in City of Industry (10 miles from Downtown, LA), we offer a wide range of Ready to Fly Electric and ARF Nitro, and Electric RC helicopters at the best available price to customers in different parts of the world. You can purchase the new and latest models in just a few clicks without the expense and hassle of trips to the hobby store. Besides, we feature an exotic variety of products manufactured in different parts of Asia, which you won't be able to get elsewhere!

Check out our assortment of RC helicopters. We have 2 channel remote control helicopters, 4 channel RC helicopters. and 6 channel helicopters too. Traditional RC helicopters cost thousands of dollars and you have to assemble them! Now you can buy our remote control helicopters for a lot less and it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or expert RC helicopter pilot! Plus, our remote control helicopters come fully assembled and ready to fly. XHELI  doesn't want you to spend time building when you can be having fun flying your new electric RC helicopter. We feature a great assortment of RC helicopters that come factory assembled and ready to fly. Don't Delay. Order An RC Helicopter Today!

100,000 SQ FT Warehouse in the City of Industry

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The following information answers should give you enough information on where to begin and what to get as far as entering the exciting and challenging hobby of remote controlled Helicopters.

Beginner RC helicopter pilots should start with Micro fixed pitch electric as they are quiet, easier to fly, and easy to maintain. They are all listed below for your shopping pleasure. With our electric RC helicopters you do not need to deal with engines that need to be broken in and can randomly cut out, fuel lines which get clogged or neighbors that think it's too loud. You do not need to lug around fuel or starters and there is no idle/carb/leaner/richer adjustments to worry about. Your hands stay clean of exhaust/fuel and your neighbors will thank you!

A common misconception is that no electric remote control helicopter can hold up against a nitro (gas) RC helicopter. Well with the growing popularity of RC helicopters there are many new innovations such as Lithium batteries and Brushless motors that keep electric and nitro neck and neck. Electric Helicopters are now achieving even longer flight time than nitro's excess of 30 minutes. and with the right combination of lithium batteries and the right brushless motor you will have tons of power.

Is there anything else I need? Well no, because our RC helicopter packages are optimized to include everything you may need to fly the helicopter. Our complete combo packages ( which by the way also introduce great savings to you as we discount our packages to the bare minimum price ) come with the charger and transmitter, which makes things a lot easier if you are just entering the remote control helicopter hobby. Our RC helicopter sets make it easy for you to order on-line with confidence you will start flying soon.

If you are buying a RC helicopter for a person under the age of 10 please click on the mini RC helicopters on sale for only $99.95. Our electric remote control helicopters with amaze you and everyone around you! Our 4 channel and 6 channel remote control helicopters are for people that demand precise flying RC helicopter control. Feel free to browse our wide selection of electric remote control helicopters.

XHELI is a quality R/C helicopter online shop offering full spares support with good quality back up. With our great service and products, we get a lot of repeat business and our marketing is predominantly referrals from our present customers.

Our online store opens 24/7. 

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