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Aerosky C17 Professional UAV Hexacopter 6 Channel Almost Ready to Fly RC Remote Control Radio
  • Aerosky C17 Professional UAV Hexacopter 6 Channel  Almost Ready to Fly RC Remote Control Radio
Item# 05H117-C17-Carbon-Hex-ARF
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The Aerosky C17 Hexacopter is one of Aerosky's latest UAV offerings. Designed upon a hex-rotor platform and engineered for professional aerial photography, the C17 delivers a powerful and modular aspect to UAV flight. The chassis is created out of strengthened rigid carbon fiber providing a light weight yet rigid frame structure. The six arms are constructed of hollow carbon fiber tubing following the design premise of creating a lightweight quad with sufficient payload capacity. The light weight, reliable, and stable power system makes the C17 the perfect platform for aerial photography and filming.

The power system consists of six Hobbywing Skywalker 40amp brushless electronic speed controllers mated to six 840KV Aerosky brushless motors supported by a recommended 14.8v lithium battery. The motors drive six 304x114mm props providing almost 6 lbs of total payload capacity. Perfect for your professional dslr cameras and filming equipment.

This almost ready to fly version is equipped with the complete chassis, , gps module, and flight controller. You will need a battery, charger, and radio system to fly the machine.

38400 APM GPS Module

This is an updated GPS module that can used with ardupilot mega v2. This GPS module uses the latest technology to give the best possible position information, allowing for better performance with your Ardupilot or other multirotor controller platform.

You may be required to configure this module for use with your flight controller (MultiWii Copter I2C GPS board requires 115200 baud). You will require a USB to FTDI adaptor board to do this.

Please note that this module ships with default settings and a baud rate of 38400.

Standalone GPS receiver
U-blox NEO-6M GPS module
Under 1 second time-to-first-fix for hot and aided starts
SuperSense Indoor GPS: -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
Anti-jamming technology
U-blox 6 50 channel positioning engine with over 2 million effective correlators
5Hz position update rate
Operating temperature range: -40 TO 85C
UART TTL socket
EEprom to store settings
Rechargeable battery for Backup
Built in 18X18mm GPS antenna
RoHS compliant

Mega Flight Controller

Mega 2.52 is a complete open source autopilot system featuring the best selling technology. This version is ready to use, with no assembly required. It allows the user to turn any fixed wing, rotary wing or multi-rotor vehicle (even boats and car) into a fully autonomous vehicle capable of performing programmed GPS missions with waypoints.

Arduino Compatible
pre-soldered and tested
3-axis gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer and high-performance barometer
Built in 4 MP Dataflash chip for automatic data logging
Honeywell HMC5883L-TR Digital compass
InvenSense 6 DoF Accelerometer/Gyro MPU-6000
Measurement Specialties MS5611-01BA03 Barometric pressure sensor.
Atmel ATMEGA2560 and ATMEGA32U-2 (processing and USB function).

The Aerosky C17 is versatile. It has plenty of room to mount telemetry units, on screen display units, sonar, and a huge variety of add-ons compatible with the APM flight controller to enhance your flight experience. The C17 also features twin carbon fiber rails for mounting gimbals and other devices. The C17 is a great size and the arms can be quickly folded down for easy transportation without tools.

We recommend the Aerosky C17 unit to anyone who wants a capable hexacopter with exceptional payload capacity.

Specifications :
Size: 950mm*530mm
Diagonal Diameter: 680mm
Frame Arm Length: 300mm
Total Weight: 2kg
Takeoff Weight: 2.5kg-5kg
Load Weight: 0kg-2.5kg
Power Battery: 2800mah-15000mah
Max Power Consumption: 2850w
Max: 30 min (@10000mAh&3KgTakeoff Weight)
Motor: Aerosky 840KV
Max Power: 500w
ESC: Hobbywing Skywalker 40Amp
Propeller: 304x114mm

Required to Fly:
14.8v Battery 2800mah-15000mah
Lipo Battery Charger required to charge battery
Minor calibration needs for best performance (compass, gps, accelerometer, etc)
Minimum 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver

Aerosky C17 UAV Hexacopter Spare Parts
Propeller 05H117-22-propeller
Regular Price: $9.36
Sale price: $4.95
ESC 05H117-17-ESC
Regular Price: $24.95
Sale price: $19.95
Battery Board 05H117-02-BatteryBoard
Regular Price: $23.40
Sale price: $12.21
Safe Parts 05H117-03-SafeParts
Price: $11.70
Out of stock
Carbon 05H117-08-Carbon-8-6-330
Regular Price: $5.95
Sale price: $2.97
Assemble Parts 05H117-04-AssembleParts
Regular Price: $11.70
Sale price: $9.50
Motor Board 05H117-10-MotorBoard
Regular Price: $13.95
Sale price: $6.93
Stuck Parts 05H117-12-StuckParts
Regular Price: $3.00
Sale price: $1.50
Out of stock
Vibration Adaptor 05H117-14-VibrationAdaptor
Regular Price: $4.00
Sale price: $3.50
Nuts 05H117-21-Nut
Price: $4.00
Out of stock
Fold Parts 05H117-09-FoldParts
Regular Price: $58.95
Sale price: $26.37
Fixed parts 05H117-11-FixedParts
Regular Price: $9.95
Sale price: $5.25
Flight Control 05H117-FlightControl-C17
Regular Price: $139.95
Sale price: $73.20
Receiver 05H117-19-Receiver
Price: $20.00
Out of stock
carbon, 16*14*300mm 05H117-05-Carbon-16-14-300
Regular Price: $11.25
Sale price: $9.50
carbon, 16*14*320mm 05H117-07-Carbon-16-14-320
Regular Price: $11.25
Sale price: $6.27
MainBoard for C17 05H117-01-MainBoard
Regular Price: $37.50
Sale price: $25.95
carbon, 16*14*330mm 05H117-06-Carbon-16-14-330
Regular Price: $11.25
Sale price: $6.27

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