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APM Power Module with XT60 05P-Cable-PowerModule-XT60
APM Power Module with XT60 05P-Cable-PowerModule-XT60
Item# 05P-Cable-PowerModule-XT60



APM Power Module The APM Power Module is a simple way of providing your APM with clean power from a LiPo battery through a 6-pos cable. The board outputs 5.3V and a maximum of 2.25A up to a 4S LiPo battery. The Power Module comes with XT60 connectors, and clear shrink wrapped from the factory.

Note: The Power Module is only designed to power APM, a RC receiver and APM accessories (GPS, 3DR radio). It is not designed to power servos. Please use your aircraft's ESC/BEC to power the servos.

This power module is also compatible with the AeroSky X350 as well, for this module to work with the X350 you have to unplug the supplied 6 wire harness and use the original 4 wire harness from the X350.

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