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HobbyWing Multifunction LCD Program Box
HobbyWing Multifunction LCD Program Box
Item# 07E-HobbyWing-Multifunction-LCD-ProgBox


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1 Working Modes
1.1 Works as an individual device to set the ESC, the value of each parameter is displayed on the LCD screen.?
1.2 Works as an USB adapter to link the ESC with a PC to?update the firmware of the ESC or set the ESC byHOBBYWING USB LINK SOFTWARE?.
1.3 Works as?a Lipo battery voltmeter to measure the voltage of the whole battery pack or each cell.

2 Specifications
2.1 Size: 90mm (L) * 51mm (W) * 17mm (H)
2.2 Weight: 65g?
2.3 Input Voltage: 4.5-12.6V
(If the ESC hasn?t a built-in BEC, you must use an additional battery pack to supply the program box)?
2.4 Displayer: 16*2 characters LCD.
2.5 Interface: Mini USB interface, ESC interface (Futaba plug), Power supply interface (Futaba plug)

3 Compared with the?"2 in 1 Professional LCD Program Box"
Models of LCD program boxes:

  • 2 in 1 Professional LCD program box (Already stopped)

  • Multifunction LCD program box: It is a new?priduct?uses MCU (microprocessor) with larger memory,?it?has a new function to work as Lipo battery voltmeter to measure the voltage of the whole battery pack and each cell.

Firmware for the LCD program boxes:
  • 2 in 1 Professional LCD program box:?
    It has 2 types of firmware

???????? a)?Type A: The firmware with postfix ?_V3? (eg. V1.11_120331_V3) is only suitable for?XERUN-120A-SD V3 and V3.1 ESC
b) Type B:?Firmware without postfix ?_V3? (eg. V1.08_120504) is suitable for?the ESC below except the XERUN-120A-SD V3 or V3.1 ESC.

????????????????????? i.??? ?XERUN series V2.0 and V2.1 car ESCs;
????????????????????? ii.????EZRUN series V2.0 car ESCs;
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? iii.???Platinum series aircraft/helicopter ESCs.
????????????????????? iiii.? ?Platinum?V3?series aircraft/helicopter ESCs.
Please select the correct firmware for the 2 in 1 professional LCD program box according to the type of the ESC. The factory-preset firmware is Type B, but it can be upgraded to Type A and? downgraded to Type B by user himself.?
  • Multifunction LCD program box:?
    Because of its larger?memery?size, a single firmware can be?compatible with all speed controllers, including XERUN series V2.0/2.1/3.0/3.1, EZRUN V2.0, Platinum series?and Platinum?V3?series.


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