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New Esky Belt CP 450 V2 6 Channel RC Remote Control 100% RTF [Red]
New Esky Belt CP 450 V2 6 Channel RC Remote Control 100% RTF [Red]
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Belt-CP V1/V2 Upgrades

Item# EskyHeli_E023RA_BeltCP-V2-Red


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Here it is the newest Belt-CP V2 from ESKY  is an upgraded version to the original Belt-CP. With the brand new design and looks, it will sure to freshen up any pilots faces. New design from head to landing gear, the main rotor and tail rotor system has increases the stability. The powerful and accuracy of the Belt-CP V2  is a true 3D helicopter. It has collective pitch and a belt driven tail rotor. The Belt CP V2 comes with everything you need to start flying in no time.

(3).Main Blade diameter:680mm
(4).Tail Blades diameter :130mm
(5).Motor gear:10T
(6).Main driven gear:140T
(7).Tail driven gear:110T
(8).Driven gear rate:14:1:5
【assemblage component:】
(1).Motor: 450 brushless motor
(2).ESC: 25A
(3).Gyro: ESKY professional gyro
(4).Servo:digital servos*4Pcs
(5).Transmitter:6-channel or above 6channel(helicopter system)
(6).Rcceiver: 6-channel or above 6channel
(7).Battery: Li-poly Battery 1800mAh,11.1V,20C discharge00mAh,11.1V li-poly Battery)

【Products features:】

(1).Completely assembled and tested at the factory,ready to fly out box!
(2).120 degree ECCPM control system
(3).New High-tech 6-channel RC system
(4).High performance Heading Lock gyro is Capable of sport flying and 3D aerobatics
(5).Digital Sub-Micro servos and Micro Heading Lock gyro offer precise and powerful control
(6).Stainless steel flybar, main shaft and tail shaft
(7).450 brushless motor, 25A brushless ESC and 3S 11.1V 1800mAh 20C Li-Po battery deliver incredible power and performance
(8).Auto-rotation system

ECCPM control system Head lock gyro
Higher strength frame Tail rotor drive belt system

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