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Exceed RC Eagle 50 50H03_Eagle50_UpgradeLiPo
Exceed RC Eagle 50 50H03_Eagle50_UpgradeLiPo
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Item# 50H03_Eagle50_UpgradeLiPo


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Eagle 50 RC Helicopter
The Exceed Eagle 50 is the World's Cheapest & MOST Cost-Effective + Reliable 6-Channel CCPM 3D Ready-to-Fly Electric RC Helicopter.  A very solid model for beginners recommended by professional hobbyists with Tons of Quality Low-Price Replacement Parts & Upgrades.


Video #1 is Showing Version 1 of the Eagle 50



EAGLE 50 V2!!!

With the LiPo System installed,
the Eagle 50 is now ultra light that you can perform super 3D flipping over the pool (if you got the skills and soup up the machine...)


The Eagle indoor electric helicopter is an ideal introduction to more advanced R/C heli's. Powered by high performance, high quality receiver/electronic/speed control and gyro keep this helicopter light and stable. Full parts availability ensures that when accidents occur, we can get you flying again with minimum of fuss.

The Eagle 50 is ready to fly out of the box within minutes. Everything needed to fly is included and installed such as a battery pack, motor, electronic and a 6 channel 72Mhz FM radio system. All that is needed are 8 "AA" batteries for the transmitter. Plus, each Eagle 50 is test-flown at the factory to ensure precise performance and control which makes it truly ready to fly right from the box.

We are also proud to offer this magnificent model as 3D capable right out of the box. Combining the knowledge of RC nitro collective precision along with the most advanced micro electric design concepts, we have arrived at a model that excels prepared to wipe out the competition. The Eagle 50 offers collective pitch control that will let helicopter pilots to fly in almost any direction. Transitioning from forward flight to hover with smooth, solid control is a cinch and negative pitch is a breeze for aerobatics like loops and rolls.

The installed mixing board controls mixing of the main and tail rotors. The board also contains 2 speed controls, a peizo gyro for tail stabilizing and a BEC circuit that supplies power to the receiver and servos

Expect only the best as you experience tight, precise control and quick response as the Eagle 50 will dazzle you with agility and speed. Using the basics of micro electric design to keep components light and durable while distributing heat away from electronic, the Eagle 50 is not only precise, but also efficient. When you combine precision and efficiency and add beauty, you will arrive at the Eagle 50: The Ultimate Super-Micro Electric Helicopter.

Advanced component configuration design provides perfect balance High Performace Tail motor provides precise control
Standard metal head block provides solid and smooth control CCPM mode. 3D conversion and alterable pitch system
Pre-built 300 size Eagle 50 Mini RC Helicopter, zero assembly time, Ready to fly out of the box
6-channel FM 72 Mhz multifunctional transmitter with 3D conversion. PIT and PLT adjusting knob
CCPM mode. 3D conversion and alterable pitch system
4-in-1 receiver unit (electronic gyro, mixer, motor controller, receiver)
Highly efficient tail motor with elaborate structure
Computer Simulation Cable included (Computer simulation software not included)
English User Manual

Main Rotor Diameter:
550 MM 22 inch
Tail Rotor Diameter:
150 MM 6 inch
Overall Length:
580 MM 23 inch
Overall Height:
180 MM 7 inch
All-up Weight:
540g (battery included) 19 ounce
11.1V 800mAh /10C rechargeable Lipo battery
370 carbon brush motor
3 x 7.6g
Pitch Control:
Rubber, alieron, elevator and throttle, CCPM mode, 3D conversion and alterable pitch system
Radio System:
6 Channel FM 72Mhz, include a pair of interchangeable crystal
Quick 110V wall charger
Computer Simulation:
Serial simulation cable (software not included)

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