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2.4Ghz Esky Honey Bee 4-Channel RC Helicopter RTF (include: Helicopter, 2.4G, Charger, RTF)
2.4Ghz Esky Honey Bee 4-Channel RC Helicopter RTF  (include: Helicopter, 2.4G, Charger, RTF)
Item# EskyHeli_E500YA_24GHz-Yellow


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2.4GHz transmitter 】2.4GHz Remote control system with high stability and non frequency interfering

TWF Company newly designed 2.4G frequency band,"2.4G" RC system with advanced Spread Spectrum Technology and digital FSK(frequency shift key)Coding Technology,whith manifested tremendous vantage compared to traditional transmitter.

  • Channel:4
  • Charger port:yes
  • Simulator port:Yes
  • Trainer switch:Yes
  • Power resource:1.5V*8"AA"Battery
  • Modulation type:FM
  • RF power:≤14?.5dBm
  • Static current:≤6-8mA
  • Voltage display type:LED
  • Size:189*205*55mm
  • Weigth:560g
  • Color:black
  • Antenna length:14.5cm
  • Use Range:airplane,helicopter
  • Certificate:CE,RoHS
  Products features:  
  (1).Traditional remote control distance is about 250 meters,required a transmitter with 750mW transmitting power consumption,but 2.4G transmitter just need 4mW power consumption.
(2).2.4G Channel with wide use,can generate corresponding frequency throuth binding or FSK,there will be no frequency interfering when fly simultaneously.
(3).2.4G remote control system adopts superintegrated frequency synthesis and FSK(frequency shift key)technology,which can automatically program and set the working frequency under the supporting of microprocessor.Flyers would enjoy a free flight without changing crystal.
(4).With dual transmission characteristic,the data will be in dual transmission&confirmation between transmitter and receiver.So probabilize many extended functions.
(5).With the characteristics of quick response,high precision and nonservo quiver.
(6).2.4Ghz RC System frequency wave range is 1/4 of the usual used frequency wave range,because 2.4GHz device with high frequency,short wave range,so the transmitter antenna is just 14.5cm in length.
(1).Item Number:EK2-0424
(3).Color:Dark green
  Regulation and operating procedure of 2.4G RC System:  
Binding for RC System of each model has been completed in factory,without needing to debug again.
Normal operation manifested as below:

Power on the transmitter, the indicator of 2.4G transmitter will twinkle for 3 seconds, which indicates that transmitter is sending code binding information. After 3 seconds, the twinkling 2.4G transmitter indicator becomes solid,?Then connect the receiver or 4in 1 mix controller, observe the receiver or 4 in 1 mix controller, 2.4G transmitter indicator twinkles two times and gets solid, which indicates that the reception of the channel data is successful and are ready to fly.
Turn on the transmitter and power on the helicopter. LED indicator of receiver or 4 in 1 mix controller go out after twinkling two times, indicating that binding is failing and need to unbind firstly and rebind.
1.How to unbind?
Turn off the transmitter,Connecting the battery to receiver, Press the bind keystoke for 1 or 2 seconds LED indicator of Receiver will twinkle constantly, which indicates that unbinding has completed.(As shown in the right picture)
Firstly disconnect the receiver and 4 in 1 mix controller, then connect the receiver or 4 in 1 mix controller to the power,the state indicator twinkles slowly, which indicates that receiver is receiving signal. Then Power on the transmitter,if the indicator of RX display from slow twinkling to rapid twinkling, then solid, which indicate the binding is successful.(Note: transmitter just will transmit code in first 3 seconds, if receiver can not receive code within 3 seconds, please turn on the transmitter again.)

1.Power on the transmitter, indicator twinkles 50times within 3 seconds of binding period, the indicator get solid after the binding.(Please note that in the process of binding, first connect the receiver or 4 in 1 Mix controller before powering on the transmitter)
2.If binding is not successful, the indicator of receiver or 4 in 1 mix controller will twinkle two times then go out.
3.Since different manufacturers have different frequency band, channel and different coding and decoding method, so different products are incompatible, all RC system should be under the original trademark.
4.Do turn on the transmitter once again in each binding.

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