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2.4GHz RC Helicopters
2.4Ghz is a new radio system for radio controlled helicopters. The Spektrum-like radios are 2.4 GHz DSM, instead of the usual 75 MHz currently in use. The transmitters use a plastic antenna, which contains a short antenna wire and folds down to the side, instead of a metal telescoping antenna. The receiver antenna is a standard wire antenna, but is very short, and can be cut slightly shorter. While the antenna does not need to stick out of the body, it can be used with an antenna tube in the standard configuration, at a more scale appearing length, on some models. Often it is simply used with an antenna tube that is short enough that it does not need to stick out of the body. 2.4Ghz Radio does not use any type of conventional RC channel. Nothing needs to be done to get it on an empty channel, it automatically figures out a channel it can use. These channels do not conflict with any standard radio systems, because of the 2.4 GHz frequency band. "Bottom line, with 2.4Ghz Radio, you can fly as many helicopters with your friends at the same time without interfering their radio control. 2.4Ghz is the hot new technology in radio controlled toys!"

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