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New UDI U809 Cobra Missile Launching 3.5 Channel Micro RC Helicopter w/ Gyro RTF (Gray)
  • New UDI U809 Cobra Missile Launching 3.5 Channel Micro RC Helicopter w/ Gyro RTF (Gray)
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UDI U809 Cobra Missile Launching 3CH Micro RC Helicopter w/ Gyro RTF (Gray)

Want a helicopter that can do more than just flying? How about throwing missiles too at your target? If so, then the innovative UDI U809 Cobra is your best choice! With two spring loaded missiles on each side, they are waiting to launch anytime with just a touch at your finger tip to the fire button. Missile Away!

This detailed 2011 version is beautifully designed and made in high strength plastic, so it can survive more bumps and fights than other competitors, at the same time perfect for beginners to get into their new hobby.

The U809 Cobra is able to fly freely in 6 directions, as a high-tech 4-in-1 infrared 3 Channel controller (Gyro+ ESC+Mixer+Receiver) is included. You can lock the throttle in any position, so it can hover and stay in the air impressively with your hands free. Also since it flies stably and quietly with its Gray color, you can take your time aiming at your target and fire away.


Designed for: Anyone over 8 years old
Fly in the Dark: LED light installed at the front of the helicopter body.
Fly in 6 directions:
- Rotate Clockwise / Anti-Clockwise 
- Move Up / Down 
- Move Forward / Backward 
Missile System: Fire at anything two meters away
Recharge Battery easily: From the transmitter or through a computer USB socket
I-Helicopter Adapter for Iphone & Android Device Capability (Sold Separately) ( Please install "udirc" App from the app store)

Package includes:

  • Helicopter
  • 3 CH Remote Controller (Batteries not included)
  • Pack of missiles
  • Bonus Main Blades and Tail Rotor
  • USB Charging Wire
  • Manual

-Dimensions: 22x 4.8 x 10.5cm
-Weight: 513g
-Radio: 4-in-1 infrared 3 Channel (Gyro+ ESC+Mixer+Receiver)
-Material: ABS material
-Battery for helicopter: 3.7V160mah
-Charging time: 45 minutes
-Flying Time: 6 to 8 minutes
-Effective distance: 10 meters above

Transmitter requires 6 x AA dry cells (not included)

Danger: Never point or shoot missiles at people or animals. Adult supervision is required.

Please read instruction before operating

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