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Hobbypartz 3 Axis Gyro for Aircraft Flight Stabilizer
Hobbypartz 3 Axis Gyro for Aircraft Flight Stabilizer
Item# 73P-3AxisGyro-FixedWing-Plane


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If you desire an aircraft that is easier to fly with more forgiving controls, or just want a little more of an edge while performing 3D maneuvers, a 3 axis gyro is just what your looking for. The Hobbypartz 3 axis gyro offers various benefits for the radio control pilot and delivers quick response. Stable flight is achieved in the enhanced stability mode. The gyroscope automatically adjusts to compensate for ailerons, elevator, and rudder. This also enhances the wind resistance of the aircraft and reduces speed failure and softens stall characteristics to allow for stable confident flight. 3D flight maneuvers such as inverted flight, knife edges, and prop hanging becomes easier with the assistance of the gyro. The independent gyro gain adjustment potentiometer and the algorithm software for gyro gain allow this unit to perform at its best automatically. Activating and de-activating the gyro can be controlled via an assigned switch programmed to your transmitter. All 3 axis parameters can be manually adjusted on the board via the potentiometer dials for rudder, aileron, and elevator.

Weight 4.1grams
Length: 46mm
Width: 22mm

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