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16 Channel Relay Arduino Compatible
16 Channel Relay Arduino Compatible
Item# 82P-AD-16ch-Relay
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Module Specification:

  • Constructed with authentic high quality relays
  • Normally open interface maximum load: ac 250 v / 10 a and 30 v / 10 a dc
  • Adpots the industry's top quality optical coupling, strong anti-interference ability, and stable performance
  • Only 3mA trigger current modules
  • Working voltage is 5 v, 12 v
  • Another 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 road modules to choose from
  • Low level module contains limited flow resistance
  • Ability to directly use the power of negative control
  • Also use the microcontroller I/O mouth control
  • Power indicator light
  • 16 road relay status indicator light
  • Human interface design
  • All interfaces through direct connection leads to terminals making setup very convenient
  • Equipped with four fixed bolt holes for convenient installation

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