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XGYRO-1000 PPM Signal Mixer
XGYRO-1000 PPM Signal Mixer
Item# 88E-FB12-PPM-Mixer



The birth of PPM signal mixer make those who own low-end Futaba transmitter can also use the head movement tracking system, such as the 6EX(Except Futaba 6EX-HP), 4VF transmitters. And even can be used with JR transmitters (soon available.)

Currently, PPM signal mixer has A and B versions, A version is designed for FUTABA 4VF and 4YF 4 channels transmitters. B version is designed for those transmitters which come with 8 channels receiver.

Weight: 4g
Voltage Supply: 8V-12V
Please check the following picture, you just need to connect the signal mixer with system 1.0 in series. The plugs we used are all unidirectional, so you donít need to worry about the reverse connection.

Principle of operation:

PPM signal mixer is to map new channels special for X-GYRO 1000 via the transmitter.
For instance, you have a 4VF transmitter, connect it with A version PPM signal mixer, then it maps 2 channels, and insert them between the 3 CH and 4 CH of the transmitter. So the previous 4 CH becomes the 6ch now. the mapped 2 channels special for X-gyro now are the 4 CH and 5 CH.

At that moment, you need to connect the servos on the camera mount to 4ch and 5 CH.
If you have a 6EX transmitter, connect it with B version PPM signal mixer, then it maps 2 channels, and put them after the transmitter channels, now itís 7 CH and 8 CH, that Ďs why you need a 8CH receiver. Connect the servos to 7CH and 8CH.

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