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Advanced 2 CH AH64 Apache R/C Radio Remote Controlled Helicopter RTF w/ LiPo Battery 11H01_2ChannelApache
Advanced 2 CH AH64 Apache R/C Radio Remote Controlled Helicopter RTF w/ LiPo Battery 11H01_2ChannelApache
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Item# 11H01_2ChannelApache


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Why is this rc helicopter different than the others? This apache remote control helicopter has a really cool non-working spotlight on the front of the helicopter for added realism. It also uses a double blade flight design system made from highly durable impact plastic that alleviates the need for a tail rotor. Tail rotor control is the most difficult part for a beginner. No tail rotor to control makes flying this rc helicopter a pleasure for the beginner as well as the advanced rc helicopter pilot. This remote control helicopter will have you flying in just minutes. This model comes with highly durable blades that are extremely crash resistant and make for excellent flying fun both inside and outside. That's right, you can fly this helicopter in your very own bedroom or living room.

The size of the helicopter and construction make it more stable for all season flying. Another key feature we added was external batteries for the helicopter itself. This means you can have spare batteries charged and waiting while you are flying your helicopter. You can also purchase lithium polymer batteries from us that offer flight times of over 25 minutes! The rechargeable battery that comes with the helicopter achieves flight times of around 10-15 minutes.

This totally cool remote control helicopter comes completely assembled, ready to fly, and measures about 18 inches long. The range on the remote control is very far at about 1000 feet and the helicopter will fly about 100 feet high. Order today and we will include the remote control, rechargeable battery pack, and charger.

  • Advanced 2 CH AH64 Apache R/C Helicopter (up/down, spin tail left/right)
  • Fully Assembled, Ready To Flight Out Of The Box, Ready For Beginner
  • Directly Imported From Manufacturer
  • Capable Of Flying Indoor As Well As Outdoor (in calm weather)
  • Mode II (left hand throttle) for North America

  1. Apache II Helicopter is the second generation, most advance helicopter, build on the latest CAD technology. It can perform excellent flight either in small indoor space or outdoor in calm climate.
  2. Using the ultra tough Carbon Fibre materials, the Helicopter does have very strong structure. In addition, the main rotor blades are using top quality plastic materials, which is not easily break.
  3. New, powerful li polymer battery extends the flight time significantly.
  4. English manual
  5. Left Hand Throttle
  6. All items are New-In-Box, Pre-assembled, Ready to Fly within Minutes !

  1. R/C Ready To Fly Helicopter (include all components, fully asembled)
  2. Radio Control Transmitter
  3. 110V Quick Battery Charger
  4. Rechargeable Li Polymer Battery Pack
  • Full length: 15.37 Inches
  • Full width: 6 Inches
  • Full height: 6.5 Inches
  • Maximal weight: 8.8 oz
  • Main rotor: 13.8 Inches
  • Engine: 180 ph fully Magnetic Motor
  • Power: 7.4 Li poly Battery (LONGER FLY TIME!)
  • Rechargeable: 110V

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