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61G Raiden DMP-160 Digital Servos DigitalServo_RaidenDMP160
Item# DigitalServo_RaidenDMP160


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Customer Review - These things are great...I burned them all in for an hour or so each using a servo driver, no issues at all. I have put 20 flights on them in my Sea Fury, and they have proven fast, strong, and reliable. I have ordered some more of them to go into my Formost 160, I am not hesitating to put them into a critical application at this point. The DMP 072 is the most useful all around servo to me, the really powerful one is good for flaps, but not very fast for ailerons and such, but very very powerful. The 072 is about equivalent to an 8411, an all-around servo. My only complaint is that these do not come with metal horns. The hardware provided is very complete, though. I'm pretty impressed, they are good quality stuff, not junky at all, and the price cannot be beat.


1.Function of Performance:
  ☆Metal Gear with Ultra-Torque performance for Monster truck
  ☆0.18sec/60??at 6.0V
  ☆16kg-cm(oz.-in.)at 6.0V
  ☆Weight:61 g
2.Storage Temperature    :-20℃~60℃
3.Operating Temperature  :-10℃~50℃
4.Operating Voltage      : 4.5 ~6.0 V
5. Servo Type : Monster Torque
6. Plastic Case

.If using the DRY-CELLS there will be less performance.
.Forcibly in the power off state may cause the damage of the servo.

Digital Servo


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