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Esky Honey Bee Version 3
Esky Honey Bee Version 3
Item# eSkyHeli_ESKY004LA-Lipo-Yellow


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Excellent design for your indoor flying!  Fully Assembled, Ready To Flight Out Of The Box, Ready For Beginner.  The Honey Bee V3 has a 20" main rotor diameter, 21" in lenght,  and weights about 10-11 oz. with a new 2-cell lipo-battery that doubles normal flight time. The Honey Bee Version 3 has many improvements that make flying this 4-channel helicopter much easier than its competitors and is ready to fly out of the box. Simply install 8 AA batteries (not included) in the transmitter, charge the lipo battery (included) and you are ready to fly in no time.



Esky Honey Bee FP with Anti-Crash Kit


                                                                    White Version Also Available

Notable feature for this helicopter is the swash plate, which has a metal ball for reduced wear and more precise control and the servos are screwed to the frame for solid response. The Main rotor is fixed pitch, run by a 370 motor and has a fiberglass plate that reduces blade coning and improves the helicopter's forward flight characteristics. Tail-Rotor is also fixed pitched run by a smaller motor. Comes with installed mixer board which controls mixing of the main and tail rotors and provides 2 speed controls, a peizo gyro for tail stabilizing and a BEC circuit that supplies power to the receiver and servos. A 2-cell lipo-battery and wall charger is included. We provide a complete line of spare parts for this helicopter.  We have tons of these in stock and they are ready to ship to you anytime you're ready to order!

  1. Excellent design for your indoor flight
  2. Pre-position servo mounts for easy setup.
  3. Carbon fiber and flybar and boom for superior strength and durability.
  4. New 4 channels transmitter FM 72Mhz provides excellent control feel and handling.
  5. New, powerful 2-cell lipo-battery extends the flight time significantly.
  6. English manual
  7. Left Hand Throttle
  8. All items are New-In-Box, Pre-assembled, Ready to Fly within Minutes !

  • Advanced 4-Channel R/C Helicopter
  • 4 Channel Technology FM Radio Control Transmitter
  • Fully Assembled, Ready To Flight Out Of The Box, Ready For Beginner
  • Directly Imported From Manufacturer
  • Spare Parts Are Available At Our Store !!!!
  • Capable Of Flying Indoor As Well As Outdoor (in calm weather)
  • 72 Mhz, Mode II (left hand throttle) for North America

  1. R/C ESky Honey Bee Ready To Fly Helicopter (include all components, fully assembled)
  2. 4 Channel Radio Control Transmitter FM 72Mhz
  3. 110V Quick LiPo-Battery Charger
  4. Rechargeable Battery Pack

Main rotor diameter 520mm
Weight 290g
Power system 370 motor
Battery System
2-cell 7.4v 800 mAh LiPoly battery pack
Transmitter standard 4 CH
Mix controller 4 in 1 controller (w/Gyro, mixer, ESC, receiver)
Servo 8.0g,1.3kg / CM, 0.13S/60

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