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MKS GY-292 Professional Head-Locked Gyro for 450-Class RC Helicopter Gyro_MKS-GY292
MKS GY-292 Professional Head-Locked Gyro for 450-Class RC Helicopter Gyro_MKS-GY292
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MKS GY-292 gyroscope operation & instructions

The following is an independently rewritten manual for the MKS GY-292 Gyro

Very small gyro. nice price for the quality! Easy setup like Futaba 401.Good gyro for Novice rc helicopter pilot.

Dual-rate remote to switch control function Input Voltage?FDC 4.2 ~ 7.2 V Current Consumption?F33 mA Size?F20 x 20 x 10.5 mm Weight?F7 g External VR1(GAIN) switch set brake(delay control function ) External VR2(REV) set REV(reverse)function


Input VoltageDC 4.2 ? 7.2 V
Current Consumption33 mA
Operation Temperature-5to 60
Dimension20 x 20 x 10.5 mm
7 g

Gyro Function
Dual-rate Adjust Mode : Heading Hold/Head Lock and Standard/Rate Mode
The physical volume is small, Weight is light
Dual-rate remote control via spare servo channel
4 CH setting by VR1 when Gain channel not connected
Reverse setting via Dial on Gyro
Gain Dial on Gyro used as Limit setting when Gain Channel connected

Mechanical Installation

1Mount Gyro on the helicopter. Mount sideways so that Label is facing Left, Right, Forwards or Backwards of helicopter. DO NOT install with Label facing Up or Down.
2Do not install in the gyro near the muffler of a Nitro Helicopter. Avoid direct heat from Engine or Muffler to Gyro.

3Connector mode

  • Step ARudder servo connects to Gyro

  • Step BInsert GY2923 Pin connector to receiver (FUTABA is CH4JR is RUDD)

  • Step CInsert GY292 ,GAIN 1 Pin connector to the receiverFUTABA is 5CH, JR is AUX2 or AUX3Connect to receiver sensitivity switching channel

4Gain Plug should be connected so that single wire is connected to the servo signal pin.

Set-up and installation of Gyro using gain Channel connected (6Ch Setup)

1For Safety Reasons, Disconnect Motor of Helicopter during Installation and test.
2Turn on the power to Transmitter
3Set Gyro Gain on Tx to 40% initially for each direction of Channel switch for Gyro Gain on Tx (Using Endpoint/ATV mode initially)
4Set Helicopter Tx setting to Heading Hold Mode (If Known)
5Turn on the power to the Helicopter
6Turn on the power of receiver on the Helicopter. Before Gyro LED light turns red, do not move Gyro and helicopter (about 7 seconds),This will influence the set-up.
Gyro MUST initialize in Heading Hold mode, not Rate Mode, If Light flashes 4 times a second, That indicated Gyro is initializing in Rate mode and will not continue until you switch to Heading Hold Mode. If so, switch to Heading Hold mode and Gyro will finish initializing.

8Use the Gain dial on the Gyro as a Servo Limit adjustment. Set Gyro gain channel switch on Tx to Rate mode. While moving the tail still full left and right, adjust the gain/limit dial on the Gyro so that the tail slider on the Helicopter does hit either far end and bind.

Light Table

Light Display GY292 Status
LED ON Enters to lock a mode
LED OFF Entering the initial or power supply close (about 7 second)
Fast flash Did not enter lock mode on Startup
Slowly flash Gyro not receiving signal from Rx. Verify Tx is turned on
Flash two times Tail Rudder signal from Rx is indicating movement

Adjustment before operation

1In lock mode, the Servo will move to one side when moving the Tail stick then stay there or drift.
2If Tail is drifting in Lock mode, use tail trim to get tail servo to not move when stick is still. Trim out tail in flight.
3On initial flight, Adjust Tail servo position on the tail back and forth so that the tail is not spinning where you centered the tail trim during Heading Hold mode.
(4) Increase gyro gain on Tx until desired holding power is reached or Tail wags. If Tail wags,reduce Gain about 10% and test fly. Decrease Gyro gain if Tail is wagging.
Changes in Headspeed or other tail characteristics may facilitate need to change the Gyro Gain.


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