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Exceed-RC G2 6-Ch Rc Helicopter W/ 2.4 Ghz Color Wireless Camera
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*BRAND NEW* ADVANCED 6-Channel R/C Helicopter + a Full 6-CH Radio Control Transmitter !!! NEW IN BOX !!! READY TO FLY IN MINUTES ...and for a limited time, we are including an DO-IT-YOURSELF mini wireless color cam complete kit for you to spy on things you never imagine you would able to see!!!

Exceed-RC G2 6-Channel Advanced Remote Control Helicopter

Learn to fly the most sophisticated Remote Controlled helicopter indoors or out - now with optional Eyecam color video camera!
A camera mounted on a Trex 450

If you have ever dreamt of relaxing on your CEO chair and fly a high-tech gadget, guess what???! You've just found it! And for a limited time, we are also including an DO-IT-YOURSELF RC Mini Wireless SpyCam Long Range 2.4GHz with the Helicopter.  The idea is that you can install the Mini Color Wireless Cam on the helicopter, but it requires a little skill and help from the internet to do so....still, the mini spy cam is ready to use out of the box, and you can use that to spy on anything you want.

2.4 Ghz Wireless Camera Spy

Yes, a long range 2.4ghz mini-spy cam that is wireless !!! 
This is Perfect for Nanny-Cam, R/C Helicopter, Car, Airplane, Walking Robot, Dogs and Cats and Mice and all types of Pets, Security-Cam, Project,
The cam is completely new, and includes everything you ever need to spy on things you never could imagine you would be seeing!!! And best of all, you can incorporate this micro-size pinhole with your helicopter, airplane, or rc car. Although it requires some skills to solder the camera onto the helicopter which it is not that hard.  Anyhow, it's still quite fun to work on any project like this.  Get some friends together to help you install the camera onto the Helicopter and waah-laa, you've just got a piece of device like it just came out of the James Bond movie!!!

About 2.4 Ghz Camera
* 2.4GHz Micro Transmitter w/ Color CMOS Camera.
* High Gain 2.4GHz Video receiver.
* All necessary video cables and power adapters.
* Instruction manual.
* Camera and transmitter weight: only 9 grams!
* Camera and transmitter size: 15mm x 22mm x 32mm (5/8" x 7/8" x 1 1/4")
* Camera Lux: <3 @ f1.2
* Camera Auto Electronic Exposure of 1/60 to 1/15000 sec. w/ Auto Gain & White Balance
* Camera Signal to Noise Ratio: >48dB
* 365K (PAL) or 250K (NTSC) camera pixel resolution
* Wireless Transmission Range: 150M (450 FEET), Line-Of-Sight
* Transmitter RF Output Power: EC R&TTE Compliant
* receiver Video Input/Output: 1Vp-p/75 ohm

2.4 Ghz Wireless Camera Spy

About the Exceed-RC G2 Helicopter

Key Features

  • New 6 channel Transmitter with PZT and PLT mode lock switch, adjustable knob

  • Hard, Light weight foam Main Blades

  • Tail rotor driven by belt transmission system

  • NO TAIL Motor. Tail Rotor powered by Belt Driven system like Gas-Helis. No need to worry about burning tail motors or the gears striped.

  • Tail blade adopt flameout landing system

  • 6 Channel R/C Set included, complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down & Pitch Control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, Pitch AND THROTTLE)

  • 6 Ch Transmitter included, Mode 1 Left Hand Throttle 72Mhz for USA/Canada or Mode 2 Right hand throttle 35Mhz for Europe

  • Similar to Zoom 400 construction, bigger than Dragonfly 35, 40

  • Easy Assembly , READY TO FLY, Only need 8 AA Batteries for Transmitter

  • Equipped with Ni-Mh 650mAh about 10 mins flight time for each charge

  • Suitable for Indoor/Backyard/Park (500 sq ft area)

  • - Common 3D and alterable pitch system
    - Landing system with flameout function
    - Tail rotor driven by belt transmission system
    - TX with 3D model switch, PIT and PLT modulation
    - READY TO FLY, you only need 8 AA batteries for TX


  • Main Blade diameter: 675 mm

  • Total  weight: ~ 800 g

  • Main motor: 380 Carbon Brush

  • Tail rotor diameter: 145 mm

  • Total length: 600 mm

  • Servo: 9g x 4 pcs

  • Tail motor:  No tail motor. Tail rotor powered by belt driven system like Gas-Helicopter

  • Power supply: 12V 650mAH + charger

  • Manual: Full English instruction manual

  • Radio control set:6 channel R/C 35/72Mhz set included (complete forward/backward, left/right, up/down) 

  • Pitch Control: Rubber, Aileron, Elevator, Pitch and Throttle

  • Speed Controller set: High quality speed controller built in

  • Gyro: Original outer tail lock gyro

  • Flying radius: 1000m (depend on environment)


Exceed-RC G2 Z400 V2 Micro Helicopter (99% pre-built )  
6 Channel Receiver with Original Speed Controller  
380 SD brush motor
Original tail lock gyro
35Mhz right-hand /72MHz left-hand 6Ch Transmitter with servo reverser
4 X 9g Servos
1 Pair of Crystals
12V 650mAh Ni-Mh battery + charger (110V or 230V)
English Manual 
Tool set
Color Box
2.4 Ghz Wireless Camera Set

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